This is how Qi Tianqi can bear it。

and so,Qi Weather blamed all this on his wife,He thought it must be when his wife just now,Make things difficult for the child,and so,So that Zi Qian would reject him。
“All good things you did,Don’t you hurry over,Apologize to this kid,Didn’t you see that you scared him?”Qi Weather said angrily。
Madam Qi knew that Qi Tianqi would never let her go,But she never expected that Qi Tianqi would prevent herself from coming to Taiwan in such a public occasion.。
after all,He wants face,I want to save face too?
Because it was the charity party hosted by the Shen family,and so,Almost everyone in the upper class of the cloud city has arrived,Just not there,Have already transferred the donations in advance。
If I were to be scolded by Qi Tianqi in front of so many upper class people today,Wouldn’t I start from today?,Became the laughing stock of the upper class society in the cloud market。
“Tianqi,I think Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona are right.,How can you be sure that this child is your child who has been lost for many years??After all, many years have passed,Isn’t it?”When Mrs. Qi just now,Although I haven’t figured out how to say it yet。
But just now,She seemed to think of just now,The question Xiao Fan asked Qi Tianqi。
Why didn’t I think of it??
Children grow up,How could it not change?
Why did Qi Tianqi take a look like this?,I think that child named Zi Qian is his own son who has been lost for many years。
Even if you want to recognize,Then go to the hospital for a paternity test or something。