“All right,Don’t scare the Monkey King group members anymore,Scare for a while,Maybe this member of the 37th group is about to cry,When the time comes, the Sun Wukong group members coax?Nezha group members coax?”

After Jingtian watched the new group member Sanqi was obviously frightened by Monkey King’s killing intent,Said with a smile,then,Sedum stared at the new group member Sanqi,A faint light flashed in my eyes。
Sedum is curious about the weirdness of this new group member Sanqi,After all, the members who can join the chat group are not ordinary creatures,therefore,Sedum wanted to see the causal line on the new group member Sanqi。
just,Just a glance,Sedum’s originally gentle face instantly became serious,The causal line on this new group member Sanqi is very unusual。
“Not human?”
Monkey King looked at the new group member Sanqi in front of him,A golden light flashed in my eyes,I can see through the body of the new group member Sanqi at a glance,Is a snake,Obviously this new group member Sanqi is a snake demon,Since it is a snake monster,Yaozu,Also his people。
Just now, Monkey King didn’t want to teach this new group member Sanqi,He just wanted to scare this new group member,After all, it is difficult for a child to listen to them quietly,The easiest way is to quiet this little child。
but,Since the new group member Sanqi is his tribe,That Monkey King also put away his killing intent,Then said。
“It turns out that the members of the 37 group are snake monsters,Since we are all monsters,What happens to the members of the 37th group in the future,Can turn to me,Within your ability,I will help。”
“Sanqi is not a snake monster,Sanqi is Mengpo。”
Sanqi heard these three strange human races discussing her ontology,Especially the short one,Just now, Sanqi has an instinctive horror,but,After hearing that short man said he was a snake monster,The young Panqi was still weak and retorted。
A-niang told her,She and A-niang are both Mengpo,Not a snake monster,and,Sanqi glanced at this weird room,Very big,And there are so many creatures that scare the panax notoginseng instinct。
The young Sanqi did not put down his hands,Arang is not here,She has heard from A-niang since she was a child that the outside world is dangerous,I didn’t believe it in the past,I woke up but found myself in this weird place,There are so many terrible enemies。