“Oh,Ok,Ok,Thank you。”Xia Shuyue held the contract with joy,Jump back to the company。

025 reward
Three months,Three months,Quite a long time,This is the first big order she signed,Everyone was the same before,The contracts that can be signed are all several hundred yuan,Occasionally a good person can sign back a five or six thousand,But she signed 20,000 yuan this time。
Manager Tang is very happy to get the contract,And make tea for Xia Shuyue personally,“You look,I’m right,I saw you were discouraged before,I didn’t have any energy for a while,I just said,Reap wherever you pay。”
“Yes,No pain no gain,I have been sowing for three months,It’s time to harvest,Hahaha,Thank you Manager Tang for the cultivation。”
“You should thank me,If I hadn’t asked you to send the tender,Don’t you miss it?Remember,Let you go that day,You still not happy,Think i’m bullying you。”Manager。
“No no,Where would it happen,Want Manager Tang to help,How can I make two thousand dollars?,Haha,Thanks a lot。”
Come home,Xia Shuyue happily told Zhao Luo,“My contract is signed。”Ready to say something,I turned my head and saw a dirty bowl on the table,Obviously Zhao Luo had a bowl of instant noodles at noon,No good mood in an instant。
“Zhao Luo,You are too lazy,Not willing to wash a bowl?”
“Just a bowl,No fuss,Always like this,Annoying?”
“Did you go looking for a job today,Didn’t you go out again?”Xia Shuyue asked coldly。
“went,went,It’s been garbage work for a long time,Did not find the right one,Don’t want to go。”
“Then you sleep at home every day,Fall asleep,The right job will take the initiative to hit you。”
“I want to fight every day when I come back.,That’s not right,That’s not right,You deliberately?”Zhao Luo is slightly angry。
“Since I can’t speak,Needless to say。”Xia Shuyue slammed the door out。
Go home happily,No mood at the moment,Xia Shuyue wandered the street aimlessly,So hungry,A bowl of fried noodles at a roadside stall,Add fan。
I still don’t want to go home after eating,Nowhere to go,Go to an internet cafe,Just walked in,Can’t play games,Not in the mood to watch a show,Just log inQQSee if any classmates can chat online。
Just logged in successfully,Pop up a dialog,Show someone has requested to add her as a friend,Click to view,Several days have passed since the application date,Verify that the additional message says“Uncle”Two words。
Xia Shuyue looked at these two words,Hesitated for a long time,Finally click to agree,Is it for the uncle who bought clothes??