I want to run into Yao Chunni’s room every night,How much he has to be careful。It’s different now,If he thinks about it,So I found an excuse for Yao Ni to take him to Houshan to collect the scenery。Thus,Li Lanhua suspected him,She can’t help it。

Grove in the back mountain,No one goes in at all。Where did Wang Youcai avoid a small place?,Not only good concealment around,And covered with hay,Put a blanket on top,This is softer than Simmons。
Lingering in this place,It’s really an excitement,As the saying goes,They really merged with nature up close。
Since Yao Chunni and Wang Youcai had such a leg,The whole person has become lazy,Do some random work in the field,I found a chance and got into the grove。Li Lanhua found her daughter-in-law’s abnormality,But she can’t help it,After all, it’s better not to let her find out about this kind of thing。
Dinner this day,Yao Chunni was held by her mother-in-law once。It was dark when I came back,Wang Youcai strolled around the village alone for a long time,Almost walked in with Yao Chunni。
“Yo!Xiao Wang,You just came back!What have you been busy with most of the afternoon??“Li Lanhua smiled slightly,Asked softly。She looks down on Wang Youcai from the bottom of her heart,But people are rich,And also helped their family a lot。So she can only force a smile。
Wang Youcai frowned and said:”Ask your mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to ask me which plot of land at the entrance of the village,I haven’t heard any news after asking for so long,Can you ask,If it doesn’t work, I will ask Aunt Wang to ask her“Wang Youcai squatted on the steps,Said with a displeased face。
Li Lanhua,Busy talking:“How can Aunt Wang participate in this matter??How about this!Chunni makes dinner quickly,I’ll ask you,Make sure the results come out before eating”
Li Lanhua, who felt profitable, slapped all the dust on her body,The trotter went to the village。Yao Chunni just washed her hands and face,Wang Youcai stopped and hugged her。
“No way,I’m cooking,If my mother-in-law comes back, my meal is not ready,She will be suspicious,Then we won’t have the chance to be alone in the future。Still night!I will leave you at night”Yao Chunni twisted her body,Panting,Said softly。
Wang Youcai, who was a little impatient, untied Yao Chunni’s belt,Pushed her down on some bags of grain。Inside the house without lights,The light is very dim,Two people rolled together by the curtain。
It’s totally dark,It took a long time for Li Lanhua to*Walked into the door。A hard day,Made this 60-year-old man feel extremely sleepy。When she saw Yao Chunni was still busy in the kitchen,The old man asked angrily:“Why is dinner still not ready??What are you doing for so long?”
Yao Chunni’s worry is not wrong,Although Li Lanhua was talking about her daughter-in-law,,But her eyes looked towards the Westinghouse where Wang Youcai lived。The lights are black in the west room,There was also the grunt of Wang Youcai shaking the mountain。Li Lanhua shook his head relievedly,Sat on the steps with a twist。
Yao Chunni has a ghost in her heart,So she dare not say a word,I quickly cooked the meal and brought it to the small dining table in Shangfang。