2021 Gansu Province Subject Basic Endowment Insurance Statistics Announcement

Original title: In 2021, the relevant statistics of the basic endowment insurance in Gansu Province recently announced recently, the Gansu Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, Gansu Provincial Department of Finance, Gansu Provincial Bureau of Statistics, the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice, announced 2021Statistics on the basic endowment insurance for employees in Gansu Province.

Notice points out that in 2021, the basic pension ceremony of the province’s employees was 6791 yuan.

In 2020, the provincial total caliber urban unit employment staff monthly average salary is 6063 yuan, Gansu Province 2021, the basic endowment insurance individual monthly payment base is 18,189 yuan, the lower limit standard is 3638 yuan.

The above statistics have been used from January 1, 2021.

Zhao Wanshan, Lanzhou Daily.