Wait for Jordaan to finish,Lily waved to him,Geordaan turned around and left without hesitation,I completely ignored the existence of Qiao Tianyu。

“Cough.”Seeing Qiao Tianyu’s dumbfounded look,Lily deliberately coughed slightly,My face returned to its normal look。
“Tianyu,continue,It’s late!”Lily urged。
“Oh。”Qiao Tianyu slowed down slowly。
Although he doesn’t know what happened,But the plan will continue,Qiao Tianyu can only bite the bullet and issue today’s sixth instruction。
Sixth trick,High altitude bombing!
“Mr. Parley,Immediately arrange for the Moscow Times and Russian State Television Economic Channel to broadcast the press release,Disseminate the contents of the State Duma Conference!”
“Ok!”Palizovsky prepared for two days,Just wait for this moment。
Wait for Qiao Tianyu’s order,Russian state television economic channel stops all programs,Start to broadcast news about the State Duma Conference。
And Palizovsky has long bought the management of the Moscow Stock Exchange,The first time all the TV screen signals in the exchange are switched to the national television economic channel,Let all traders on the scene know the news。
And Palizovsky had arranged a newsboy,After the order is issued,Immediately hold a thick stack of the latest version《Moscow Times》Rush into the headquarters of major banks and investment institutions,Squeezed the newspaper into the hands of every employee。
that’s it,Less than ten minutes after Qiao Tianyu’s order,All Russia knows the contents of the State Duma Conference。
And the broadcast of this news,Immediately caused an uproar on the Moscow Stock Exchange and the headquarters of major banks,All insiders understand what this news means。
The State Property Commission’s plan to sell large state-owned enterprises at low prices was blocked in the State Duma,It means that the country will not sell large state-owned enterprises at a low price,Then investors don’t need to reserve funds for it,Then liquidity can re-find investment opportunities。
And just after a sharp drop,National Securities prices have bottomed,And the price has stabilized,It has already attracted many eye-catching copycats。
They saw the news of the State Duma meeting,Even more ready,Begin to tentatively purchase national securities on a small scale,For a time, small sales orders began to appear densely on the market。