“That one,I suddenly remembered that this move is too harmful,Forbidden to use on earth,and so……”Lena feels not to hurt the friendship between teammates,Then explain it well。

“Sister Lena,Do it,Don’t shoot now,Endless troubles!”Liu Chuang was excited,It feels like an upright and loyal minister who is a dead end in ancient times,And that Xin Zhao is a criminal who endangers the country。
Rui Mengmeng seems to have infected Liu Chuang’s emotions,Kneel directly on one knee“Sister Lena,Please do it,Such a wicked person,When severe punishment is needed to curb your example!”
Qiangwei, who came back from one side, looked at the scene,I feel a little watt in my brain。
What’s going on,Didn’t Rena say to attack?!Why are Liu Chuang and Rui Mengmeng now begging for Lena to attack,Don’t the two of them know the consequences of Lena’s attack?!
Just when Qiangwei wanted to go up and persuade,Lena directly rejected the two’s opinions。
“Sorry that,Two,This goddess never likes to be threatened by others,and so,Please find a solution by yourself!”Finished talking,Lena ran to Qiangwei directly。
“rose,Those two guys want me to make a harmful attack,I managed to control my temper,you know!”
‘I understand?What do i know?Who made Rena so difficult to understand?!Xin Zhao must be you!’
For what I can’t understand,Qiangwei had to respond with an awkward and polite smile,Face Lena。
The blue and white electric light attacked directly from a distance,When a few people hear the voice and want to reflect,The attack fell directly on Liu Chuang,At this time, Liu Chuang’s defense value dropped20。
of course,Liu Chuang who was attacked by Xin Zhao,It is still inevitable that the ending will fly out。
Open your mouth and spit out the soil you eat in your mouth,Liu Chuang shouted around“Letter,Come out if you have a seed,Let’s go heads up,If you win,What do you let me do,If you lose,Then just sing a song conquer obediently。”