After saying this, Zhao Wu is directly running with Zheng Tiancheng early.。

Seeing that two people are really far away,Li Hui Feng also jumped directly.。
Then I took a drop from Xianquan.。
The red big snake saw that Li Hui Feng disappeared,The moment of instantaneous discs,At the same time, vigilant。
When Li speaks again,Then the red big snake seems to smell what Tian Ma land is the same as,Directly hoped from Li Hui Feng。
The voice of the sand,Speed fast,But when I arrived at Li Hui,But it stopped directly。
Li Hui Feng did not expect that the other party did not initiate attack,In his eyes, this kind of creative is how smart is smart and there will be any feelings.,Or how smarter is not much smarter than the big creature of big white rhubarb。
Just the other party stopped the body,Let Li speaks with the wind feel confused.,He even feel that this snake seems to be like。
Try to take the road:“You want this fairy spring?”
Sweeping red big snake,Just in front of Li Huiyan, turning around the circle。
Li Hui Feng saw the place where the red big snake left,Unreasoning ganoderma lucidum is not only one plant,But a big one and two strains。
“Then I use Xianquan to change your big big.?
If you accept it, you will open your mouth.,I dropped into your mouth.,If you disagree,I will turn it away.。”
Li Hui’s voice just fell,The big snake directly opened his mouth.,Li Hui Feng did not expect the other party to understand what he meant.。
He feels that this mountain range seems to be like a change.,This is the third of the third energy that he encounters.。
A drop of Xianquan directly dropped into the mouth of the big snake。
Instant of Xianquan Drop,The big snake closed the mouth.,At the same time, it is also driving in the direction of Ganoderma lucidum.。
Spots on the snakes in the splines between the spots,Directly put down the scales on the big snake more gloss。
The big snake took the initiative to take Ganoderma lucidum.,Then I sent it to Li Hui.。
Li Hui Feng saw the same sitting in the big snake,Don’t laugh。
“I didn’t expect you to be quite smart.,Actually no roots,This will continue to grow a new Tianwei Di Bao later.,Waiting for new,Remember to call me,I will make it grow more quickly.。”
Said that Li Hui also took Ganodermaia in his hand.,Ganoderma lucidum starts a moment,Li Hui Feng feels more than usual.,The most important thing is true,The crystal clear is the same as the fairy magic weapon.。
Just who is preparing for Li Hui’s back or,The big snake is directly bitten by Li Hui’s trousers.。
“Snap”Just when Li Hui’s doubt,But it is directly。
The 386th chapter Guan Xueli came
The snake skin of the red big snake has begun to have a signs of crack.。
moment,Li Hui Feng also understands。
“You let me keep you molty?”
“Snuff”Red big snake seems to understand,Directly,Then I ran to Ganoderma lucidum quietly to start molty.。
Li Hui also knows that the snake is very fragile.,At this time, if someone attacks, then this red big snake is absolutely fragile.。
Time in a second,Li Hui is waiting quietly there.。
Snakers are also slow,With the fall of snake skin,The black spots on the red big snake is actually slowly disappeared.,But towards red development。
The red snake slowly pushed his snake skin to Li Hui,Then return to Ganoderma lucidum,I swallow the little lubricate。
Li Hui Feng see the snake skin under the feet,I know that this should be the gift to him.。
The big snake swallowedant is also slowly drilling the grassland in not far.,And there is only two of the root stems left.。
Looking at the place where the red big snake disappears,Li Hui also doesn’t know what happened.,He suddenly felt that the creature seems to be more than people must understand.,One snake is so。
Zhao Wuyi and Zheng Tiancheng have waited for a long time, I won’t see Li Hui.,The two people have some fear of Li Xiangfeng problem.。
But thinking of Li Hui’s skill,Two people are not very worried。
Just when the two can’t wait for the original road to reverse,But I saw that Li Hui Hui took a fresh snake skin with Ganoderma lucidum.。
Seeing that huge snakeskin and Li Rongli, the fire of the fire,The two people breathe are not a piped a few points.。