The evil tiger is not in a hurry,Instantly turn on the power of the armor to the maximum,His eyes immediately became blood red,Dynamic vision increased four times,Although the opponent’s actions are quick,In his eyes it is clear,Panoramic view of all movement tracks。

The evil tiger squats slightly,Twist the waist and swing the head,His left arm is like a rocket launcher,Burst out。
This punch is extremely powerful,Driven by core power and exoskeleton,It’s not much worse than a real rocket launcher,And he has calculated the moving route of the monster,Prejudged the advance,This punch will undoubtedly strike。
Xiehu firmly believes,As long as it’s flesh and blood,It’s impossible to stop myself from this punch。
The fist of the evil tiger really hit the opponent moving at high speed,Almost simultaneously,Armor power burst at full power。
The evil tiger was never a person who underestimated the enemy,He knows that ligers fight rabbits,Do your best,This punch falls,I already have the winning ticket in my heart。
But he never thought,The power of this punch burst,It’s so stagnant。
Take a look,Suddenly he almost flew into the sky。
Because of that worm-headed human monster,It seems to know how to fight,Cross fist,Abruptly raised his arms,Blocked his mortal blow。
Followed by,That monster twisted his wrists,Caught the fist of the evil tiger,Homeopathy。
The evil tiger felt a huge absorption force from his fist,It’s like being in front of the maelstrom,It’s not human-powered at all。
then,He felt lighter,The whole person was carried on the shoulder by the monster,Suddenly turning around,Upside down。
After the loud bang,A big hole appeared in the center of the courtyard。