The white-haired old man saw that Lu Menglin was on him“Metta”Recovered so quickly under the impact of,It’s also a little stunned。

To know,The look he had just now,It’s not just the ordinary staring and scary,It’s been lost in the martial arts for a long time“Metta”Technique,Only those who cultivate their minds to the spirit,To show。
The deterrence of this eye-catching technique is extremely powerful,If ordinary people are stared at by this eye,I’m afraid I’ll be frightened to faint。
Even if you are facing a bold martial artist,,When the two meet,Suddenly cast,Can also make the other party stunned for a while,Which gave birth to many fighters。
But this little guy surnamed Lu has recovered from the shock of the sight in such a short time.,This shocked the two masters of martial arts。
While the white-haired old man’s eyes were full of light,Suddenly probing,Wrap the bead curtain on the door to the forearm。
When Lu Menglin saw this action,Suddenly there is a feeling of bad heart。
as expected,I saw the white-haired old man sitting still in a wheelchair,Just take a look at the arm,Under the power,The curtain of beads collapsed,Turned into rain,He shot Lu Menglin headlessly。
These scattered beads seem to contain unimaginable kinetic energy,Extremely fast,There was a scream in the air,Like an army,Iron knights are coming。
This sudden change caught off guard,Lu Menglin could only hold his head with his arms,While shrinking,will《Zhen Wu Ju Li Jue》Show up,All over the upper body。
Bang bang!
Bang bang bang!
The beads are like raindrops,Constantly bombarding Lu Menglin’s body,Slam him up and down,Almost turned over。
My arm is sore,It is probably blue and swollen,I have a problem even raising my hand。
While Lu Menglin was horrified,,I just want to scold my mother!
I thought I had practiced Wudang’s two faculties,I already look like a master。I don’t know how to start with this white-haired old man,I can’t stop them with a casual brush。
These broken beads are powerful,All are like rubber bullets,If this is changed to metal,Lu Menglin estimated that he would have to fracture and be seriously injured。