The walls are damaged everywhere inside and outside,It can be seen that they have just gone through a big battle,And the light pattern equipment piled up like a mountain on the wall,It proves that Sandstorm City is the winner。

“We stayed for three days and three nights,Destroy tens of thousands of alien monsters。”Zhong Ming was dumbfounded when he saw the soldiers from Ye Korea,Can’t help but smile proudly,I don’t even feel any pain in my palm。
“How did you do it?This is incredible!”Miss Hu Lin was so excited that she took two steps forward,Blinking a pair of beautiful big eyes,Staring at Zhong Ming’s face,Asked softly。
Zhong Ming was a little embarrassed by her direct gaze,Had to turn around:“Come,You take a few steps forward,I know the secret of keeping the city!”
The voice has not fallen,Including Miss Hu Lin,All the members of the investigation team swarmed to the edge of the city wall。
Everyone looked down,Suddenly took a breath。
Good guy!A big ditch was dug under the city wall,The ditch is at least three or four feet deep,Span also three feet。
Large areas of burnt black remain in the ditch,It proves that this place has experienced a terrible battle。
“Look at!There are many monsters outside the city!”Xing Wei suddenly pointed to a certain direction outside the city,Exclaimed。
Everyone quickly turned on the telescope system on the armor,At a glance,as expected,In the desert outside the city,There are faint figures of alien monsters shaking,Looks like a lot。
One thousand two hundred and seventeen chapters Mutant
Suddenly,All the members of the investigation team are discolored,Many people’s first thought is to flee back to the battleship.,Leave this ghost place quickly。
Why they came to investigate,Because I think Sandstorm City is being held,There should probably be no more terrible alien monsters here.。
They are just military media,Not an elite battle group,Everybody is delicate and expensive,Never thought of going to the front line to fight those terrible monsters。
“What to panic!They did not attack!All cheer me up,Don’t let people see the joke!”Hu Lin is quite courageous,Stop drinking,Suppressed the eagerness of the men around me。
Seeing the dull look of these men around,Hu Lin feels bitter,I want to shake my head。