Chen Xiu felt the cold air still towards his fingertips、Cold wrist,So that his palm suddenly disappeared,He finally realized what Ge Hong said just now“Can’t let go”What means,It feels that the fire attribute qi has been transported to melt the ice in the palm of the hand。
“Zheng!”The sound of,The Nine Rings Broadsword could not be captured and dropped to the ground。
Fortunately at this time Ge Hong has also recovered,The Qing Ming sword in his hand is the first to attack,That gave Chen Xiu a chance to breathe。
Ge Hong learned a lesson this time,Pursue a fast word,Don’t let Patriarch Qingyun freeze his chance of Qingming Sword。
Unfortunately, although his sword is fast,It’s still incomparable with Master Qingyun,I’m already at a disadvantage again,palm、The face is frozen into frost,If it wasn’t for Ge Hong himself, it would be the ice attribute,The ordinary people have already been frozen into popsicles。
Chen Xiuzhen uses the fire attribute zhenqi to get rid of the cold zhenqi in his body,I can’t get in if I want to help,Shouted at Liu Dunyue:“Don’t help yet!”
Liu Dunyue is trembling all over,Obviously I was terrified,Speak with his teeth:“win……Can’t win……”
Chen Xiu:“You don’t help,We really want to explain here。Taking advantage of his shortcoming,Still can’t control the body well,Kill him first!”
“He can’t control his body yet?”
Liu Dunyue stared at it,Seeing that the ancestor Qingyun had a few chances to kill Ge Hong,But the body rhythm is obviously unable to keep up,It’s still very jerky between moves。
“He really couldn’t100%Control the new body,This is a chance to fight!”
Liu Dunyue’s fearful mental arithmetic suddenly became confident,Fly forward,Stabbed。
There is a bit more agility in this sword,There are more than a dozen changes at the time of the shot,The dodge direction of the ancestor Qingyun has been faintly locked。
This kind of attack with change,Compared to a purely forceful attack,Even scary。Because of this attack,If you can’t see through the other person’s changes in an instant,And respond,Then there is no chance,Will be defeated。
Patriarch Qingyun suddenly changed,If you only deal with Liu Dunyue’s sword,,But there is another Ge Hong who can’t get rid of。