After tossing for a long time, I returned to the side of this cloud of smoke,These are tempting and delicious、The energy crystals that can reinvent the supernatural powers are right in front of you,It just can’t touch、Can’t eat,Energy crystals connected into pieces,Affect the whole situation,Can’t be safely separated by the avatar alone。

“mortal,Who is your last name?What is the connection with that Qingyunzi?”The lava monster finally held back his saliva and impulse,Instead, let yourself be as kind as possible。
“who are you?What is the relationship with the owner here?”
“doll,You figured it out,Now you are in my hands,I don’t know how to live or die??”
“This is Ziyuan,The Sumi Space of Fallen Goddess,How did you get in?I’m afraid it’s you?”Li Tianzhen sneered,Ignore the intimidation。
“presumptuous!”Lava Goblin Fury,From ear、nostril、eye,Even a thick firework exploded from my mouth,Some Yu Yan almost scorched Li Tianzhu’s body,The faces made of lava also began to distort,It seems to pounce viciously,The face and neck are drawn obliquely,Let it sway,But unable to break free from the black rock mass below。
The lava goblin seems to be bound by something,Roared for a long time,He didn’t really tear up Li Tianzhen,But a different face。
“Ha ha,Who am i?Fallen goddess?Do the dolls of the Beidi line dare to be presumptuous in front of the old man??”Lava goblin gets excited,Unexpectedly, this little mortal is actually related to the Northern Emperor,Could it be that a certain god in Beidi Palace branded treasures and divinity into this fragile body?No matter how it was done,But this time I really made a fortune。
“For the sake of an old acquaintance,Don’t care about it,Quickly let go of your gods and seven orifices,Just give me some benefits。”
Li Tianzhen rolls his eyes,I thought you said lightly,If you know how to let go of the gods,Am I still so embarrassed?This monster seems to have great powers,The brain is really stupid。
“I’m just an ordinary man,Don’t understand what you say,Don’t know any Beidi,It’s just a coincidence that I recognized Ziyuan,Please take away what’s in my head,Also please tell me,Ask where is the heart?”
“Death is coming,Dare to bargain with the old man?!”
The lava monster suddenly splashed,Raise the sky with a roar,A black body,Wandering like a ghost,This is not another clone of the demon,But its phantom,Limited by invisible bondage,The primordial soul of the demon can’t get out of the body,But the phantom also has powerful mana,It screamed into Li Tianzhen’s body,Disappear soon。
Although Li Tianzhi is flustered,But not really afraid of demons,The other party has a picture,Naturally won’t hurt his life easily,And at this time, he felt that the cloud of smoke representing the gods seemed to have some kind of reaction with him,Although ethereal,Not very real,But it is a very rare change,He even vaguely felt,It was the invasion of the lava monster clone that caused this result,Lava goblin all-in-one,What result will it bring?