People’s Catalog: What enlightenses have been brought to us?

The Tokyo Olympics has been closed, China’s Olympic athletes are big in the competitive competition, and the wind of the Olympic Games is still stunning. "Olympic fever", with fire is not just a healthy style, physical education, and industry economy.

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This seems to be inadvertent details, so that the e-commerce platform and manufacturers have seen business opportunities.

In Zhejiang Yiwu, the person in charge of an e-commerce quickly mobilized factory resources, producing 100,000 products within 24 hours, and recommended in the store platform. It is to seize the hotspots of the commodity, coordinate the production link, let the relevant manufacturers and platforms ".

This means that the Olympic effect is "broken", release strong economic potential, and converts the linkage to economic benefits by means of online online. In fact, the products that are fired by the Olympic athletes are all. In addition to Yang Qian’s little yellow duck, Hou Zhihui’s insulation cup, hot water and wind oil "win three sets", Chen Meng’s necklace, there are also canvas bags with Olympic health jersey, mobile phone shell … These Olympics "Peripheral products" constitute a new scenery of the five-rinccotic cartridge and become a new darling of commodity economics, especially e-commerce economies.

In fact, behind each explosive product is sent to people’s new attitudes to sports, and they also have a new highlight of economic development.

Why can the "Olympic explosion" can be popular? What helps the "Olympic explosion" is popular? One of this reason, of course, people’s love and support for sports athletes, form a strong consumer group, laying a good market basis.

More importantly, from the discovery of "Olympic explosion" to the "Olympic explosion", it is unhappy to open the industry support and the industrial chain association.

Imagine, if there is no complete, mature commodity production system, explosive products is difficult to go to the market; if there is no keen market insight and the hot e-commerce environment, it is difficult to form a scale; if there is no industrial chain , The consequent resonance of the supply chain and the consumption chain, the exhibition of explosive products, which will only be blind.

This example, pre-judgment, rapid response, integrated resources, strong promotion, prosperity market, help regeneration, form a conjunction with the integration trend of e-commerce industrialization and industrial e-commerce.

In fact, the reason why the explosion will form explosions, many SMEs and e-commerce platforms have a powerful force, reflecting China’s economic hidden vitality from a side. From a "Olympic Explosive" product to a group of "Olympic explosions" products, from a few people want to buy thousands of people chasing buy, the explosive models have a fresh and real economic logic, ie Internet response " "Can" "can" to form a superimposed effect, let all kinds of hotspots into production creativity, and strengthen economic efficiency, which strengthen the rapid operation of the production system, but also stimulates the enthusiasm and passion of consumers.

This is not a sports economy, and the e-commerce and manufacturing are developed in combination. In the development of innovation, the traditional industry that originally produces small commodities can also find digital transformation and upgrading. "Olympic fever" has finally had its periodicity, "Olympic explosion" will have its lifeline.

In this context, people should think about how to make the Olympic trend overlay, how to make the Olympic business competition? This needs to borrow the Olympics is not limited to the Olympics. Only by the opportunity, better analyze the diversification, personalized demand, active seeking new, seeking change, seeking, in creative, in the creative To be an article, in quality, in order to better find the development advantage in the industrial chain, innovative chain, one step, master the initiative, and then constantly lead the consumption boom, and win the market. Some people say that "Olympic explosions" is a sales volume with time.

In fact, this is related enterprises, industry in grabing opportunities with themselves, grabs development opportunities with the market.

As long as it is based on market changes, consistent consumer demand, continuous breakthrough, good at innovation, continuously launch new products and new services, will enhance market competitiveness, let "Olympic explosion" consumption heat has been hot. (Editor: Shi Joe, Fu Dragon) Sharing let more people see.