Urgent friends, netizens have questions about kindergarten enrollment.

After understanding the situation, the Hohhot Saihan District Office has given detailed reply to three points of netizens. The official document, the bottom survey, details and other information, etc. The back of the reply is micro, questioned.

Message Original: 1,25 students in the fall of the fall in 2012 were recruited.

Last year I started enrollment. 2. Admissions Guide clearly admitted to this community, there is a residual list to admit other cells, and the actual other communities have no registration. 3, the Taiwan Garden is not transparent, and the shake number does not give public transparency.

Directly announced the list.

The CCP’s Hohhot City Saihan District Committee office replied: Hello, it is understood that the first kindergarten office in the finals of the first kindergarten office in Dejihan in August 2020 is 12 classes. By the big class of children in July 2021, it took 1 empty class (25 people). About the Summer and Garden Autumn Admissions: According to the provisions, the Summer and Garden organizations have enrolled the recruitment of children and homes, in this stage, online information registration is only for the standing age for the household registration. The amount of young children, the humenly and homes, the amount of young children has exceeded the amount of enrollment, and there is no condition to open the registration to other children. The recruitment phase of the Numbe and Home Community Non-Other Non-Open Network is not the result of the early test investigation and cautious consideration.

There are three reasons: First, the Summer Palace is a kindergarten for the small Taiwei and Home Community. It must give priority to the entrance issue of the homework in the community; second, before the enrollment work, go to Qiao report police station to touch the residential area. Number, the number of young children who meet the registration conditions is twice the amount of enrollment; third, according to the spirit of the "Ho City Saihan District Education Bureau on Doing a Good Job City Admissions", all gardens cannot be reported, so if The recruitment of young children in the Yihe Home Community, which will open the network to other children, which will lead to young children in the Summer and Park, not only have the opportunity to be recruit, but they can also register in other kindergartens, missing by other public kindergarten recruits chance.

I hope you can understand. About Taitai Garden Admissions: Saihan District First Kindergarten Table Garden in accordance with the enrollment plan announced by the society, in the afternoon of August 3, random computer, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission The leaders of the eight discipline supervision team, the staff, the district education department of the Education Bureau, the notary personnel of the Qingcheng Notary Office, Hohhot City, and the technical engineer of Inner Mongolia Cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd. Random computer distribution ceremony.

The random computer distribution result list is confirmed by the notary personnel, and the signing stamp is notned. The whole process is openly transparent and reasonable, and the list of dispatchs will be announced to the public on the same day.