Shenzhen Futian: Old community can also change "sponge"

Original title: The old community can also change the trail of the "Sponge" Tianjian Garden, which is paved with water-water, water-water concrete, and colorful water-watering asphalt.

  Into the Tianjian Garden located in Futian District, Shenzhen, the neat tiles, green green plants, the murdered design, making it difficult to find out that this is an old community with more than 20 years. In order to explore the new path of the old community sponge city construction, 2019 Tian Jian Garden launched a rancurization transformation and completed in 2020.

This is especially special in the construction of sponge city dominated by new projects. What are the characteristics, difficulties and harvest? With these problems, the reporter conducted an interview. ● The unique cell structure has become a good trial of spongelation, and the Tianjian Garden has been completed in 1998.

Although the community has been built for a long time, its unique structure provides convenient conditions for spongeism. Tianjian Garden consists of 17 residential and one club. They roughly assemble a triangle in the community, and the middle space is the central garden. The lower part of the house is a semi-underground garage, from the unit building, first after a platform, this is the top plate of the underground garage, and then walk down the building is the center garden.

The entrance and exit of the garage is at the gate of the community, and the interior of the community has completely diverted people.

Such a form of structural form (underground garage roof) and central garden have become a good trial field of sponge transformation, and it is also avoided that the general old community construction will occupy a parking space.

  In the unit building platform, the transformed concave green space combines with the platform landscape, lags lag, water storage, water purification, ultimately through linear drains, forming rainwater landscape, and infiltrating into the central garden to penetrate into the soil. "The sponge transformation of the unit building platform may be the most difficult and most important place." Dr. Ning Yunfang, the head of the Tianjian Water Environment Company project, this biggest difficult thing is that the platform is the garage under the platform, so the sponge facilities cannot be Too big, but also ensure waterproof pass.

Finally, a material having a different material such as a foam concrete, a cement mortar, a reinforced concrete protective layer, and a water storage plate is laid on the roof structure layer of the garage. At the same time, it also repaired the previous 124 leakage points and thoroughly solved leakage problems.

  "You look at the platform on the platform, which is a water-placed brick that relying on the Shenzhen Municipal Corporation Grand Platform in the national selection of materials.

  ● The landscape is comparable to the city park, and the central garden of 1 m multi-settlement is a major position in the center of the unit building platform.

  Before the transformation, this building is different from other old communities: unsightly hardening grounds have some mottled, greening is not much and very simple, close to West Gate has a sand pool, with a few simple fitness instrument.

  "In the past, the water in the sand pool is very serious.

Zhang Yongxian, the head of Tianjian Garden Property Service Center, said.

  The rainwater runoff of the cell is reorganized to the rainwater runoff of the cell. According to the vertical elevation and traffic directions of the site, the plots are divided into two exchange water partitions, the rainwater radiopulus control; the sand pool is removed, and the water-plastic plastic paving in the east is. Children’s activity area and fitness activity area; retains the original changing trees, etc. After the renovation, the central garden passes the water garden, the purified plants, the lower green space, the water-bearing pavement, etc. Turning water and water purification effect, too much rain water passes multiple environmentally friendly rain, eventually discharged into the municipal management network; coupled with the dry stream bridge, stacked waterfall, Lequan and other landscapes and seats, lawn lights and other auxiliary facilities In this way, a landscape is comparable to the municipal park, and the central garden of the sponge function is created. "The first time I came to our community, I can’t believe this is the old town that has already gangdao!" Zhang Yongxian said it is proud.

  ● Successful experience has also have successful experience, and there is also a song regret Tianjian Garden spongeization transformation project is a "13th" National Key R & D Plan for Tianjian Group and Shenzhen Construction Science Research Institute "." Key Technologies Research "Subjects. Ning Yunfang believes that the project is very successful from the two aspects of the research results of the project and the renovation of residents.

  From the perspective of the topic, the project’s sponge facilities have a good effect, explore the applicability of a series of philosophy, technology, materials, etc.

Marriotherapy is effective to solve the problem of venue, rainy road slip, basement rope leakage, etc. The total annual period of the annual river increased from 38% to 62%, and the surface source pollution reduction rate increased from 5% to 45%. At the same time, significantly improve the landscape quality of the community, and the residents are also very satisfied.

  But in practice, there is no one tortuous and regret.

For example, the original design plan is planned to build a green roof, but because many owners have used their roofs, the renovation plan has not been implemented. Flower beds, gazebo settings, plants, etc., the final finished product is partially adjusted according to the feedback of residents. In order to reduce noise and dust, many construction does not use high-efficiency large equipment, but to use manual replacement. "The old community transformation and new projects are different, and more, more complicated, so the construction period is longer, and the cost will be even greater.

"Ning Yunfang said. ● Old community sponge transformation requires landscape and engineering coordination in the construction of sponge urban, the old-China community has important significance." The old community, the city in the city is covered, the living environment Large enhancement space.

"Shenzhen City Planning and Design Research Institute, deputy chief engineer, emphasized that the construction of sponge facilities in the old urban area is" acupuncture-type transformation, interactive transformation ", need to be coordinated with landscape and engineering.

She believes that there are two aspects that promote the old urban spongeization transformation: First, don’t advance the sponge transformation, but to fully understand the needs of the people, on the ground, underground overall situation, put the resolution of the community water, rainy day , Rain and mixing problems and increasing green recreational spaces, improve people’s conditions, and even increase the coordinated facilities such as barrier-free facilities, and implement the community as a whole. For example, the comprehensive rectification project of the old residential residential residential community in Nanshan District will be refreshed, road remediation, greening, sponge facilities, and synchronous solve the problem of facial source pollution, not smooth, internal risks, pipelines Multiple questions such as missing. The second is to develop the design, implementation and efforts of the spongeic facilities, low cost, low maintenance, and make community residents to participate in the community residents.

For example, Tianjian Garden Reconstruction invites residents and property management personnel to request, advice, ideas, and participate, fully reflect the common demand of residents, let each residents and managers become "planners, designers, construction Teacher and evaluation. " "We hope that the sponge concept can enter into the public’s life, realize natural accumulation, natural penetration, natural purification, and add green to the compact living environment." Ren Xinxin said.

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