Beijing Winter Olympics anti-doping preparations sprint

Original title: Beijing Winter Olympics anti-doping preparation strikes According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing October 27, the distance is only less than 100 days from Beijing Winter Olympics, and the Chinese Legion’s Winter Olympics anti-doping preparation also enters the sprint phase.

According to the State Sports General Administration, as of now, the total number of preparations for the preparation of the stimulant inspection of the Beijing Winter Olympics has been taken from 4,000 cases. From now on to the village to enter the village, it will also implement more than 2,000 cases.

  Chen Zhiyu, director of the National Sports General Administration, said that the center is based on the comprehensive summary of the most stringent anti-doping work in the history of the Tokyo Olympics, combined with the characteristics of the winter project prepared for the preparation of the winter project, and has developed "more stringent" Beijing Winter Olympics. Anti-doping work program and measures to fully realize the "zero appearance" goal of Beijing Winter Olympics in Beijing Winter Olympics.

  Beijing Winter Olympics will be the first international comprehensive event that officially implemented dried blood points and test.

As an important initiator and R & D side of this technology, the center officially applied the Dragonfly-blood point test in the preparation of the Tokyo Olympic Games and Shaanxi National Games, and will continue to fully apply this technology in the preparation of Beijing Winter Olympics monitoring.

  In addition, the center provides anti-elderly education, and starts from the April this year to prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympics China Sports delegation anti-doping education entries, only through anti-doping Educational access to athletes and accessories can get qualifications.

There have been 1185 people have participated in the access, including 517 athletes.

  At the same time, "food, medicine, nutrition" three products prevention and control are also important tasks during the preparation of anti-doping.

The center has added food and drug detection window and enhances detection sensitivity. Organize expert group conference to review the preparation of the drug-related drug list to ensure the safety of the athlete, and develop "Athlete Safety Medicine Inquiry System", the system has been on the line of February 2021, 10,000 people query more than 100,000 times. The center introduction, a series of measures ensure that the athletes are clean and prepared for 2020, and the Winter Olympics athletes did not have a stimulant violation. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.