Gathering at South Station is the first special screening in China, Hu Ge admits that it is difficult to enter the drama

“Gathering at South Station” is the first special screening in China, Hu Ge admits that it is difficult to enter the drama
Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) On the evening of November 22, the movie “Party of Southern Railway Station” held a special screening of Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers in Xiamen. Director Diao Yinan, starring Hu Ge, interacted after the screening, and famous director Cao Baoping came to the scene to helpDirector Diao Yinan talked about the creation of crime genre films.This screening is also the first time the film has met with a domestic audience half a year after the world premiere of Cannes. Hu Ge accompanied the audience to watch the movie.Director Diao Yinan communicated with starring Hu Geying.In the “Party at South Station” provided by the organizer, the humanity and fate presented by the protagonist Zhou Zenong played by Hu Ge also aroused heated debate among the audience, and Hu Ge, who first challenged this complex and marginal character, said:Temperament close to this character, indeed experienced some torment process.It didn’t take long for the boot to start. The director asked me how I felt, regardless of whether my physical emotions were good or bad, I would keep them.Because of this worry, the state of insecurity is consistent with the character.”For such a tragic character who bloomed his life in flight, Hu Ge also expressed his understanding:” This character did not return home for five years, he felt that he would not give his wife and children a good life.I imagine that he is a person who has no hope for life and lives on the edge. He didn’t give him new support until he knew his hit value was 300,000.”Director Diao Yinan also interpreted the theme of the film:” I hope that everyone will achieve a new experience. A man completes the life redemption at the last moment, and the woman wins. The man also bears the responsibility for life and the family.”Guilin Magnesium, who collaborated with Director Diao Yinan for the second time, said:” I think that the two roles of Liu Ai’ai and Zhou Zenong are desperate people, and they are not very reconciled, so they find something new and seemingly impossible for each other.Hope, or a little love.Why does the movie say to go south?Because the southern frontier is hot, it feels very vibrant, and it is more promising.”Liao Fan, who has been” hunting for Zhou Zenong “throughout the film, noted the last act of the heavy role in the film:” The ending of this movie is open, and everyone understands it differently. “”At that moment he didn’t catch, it doesn’t mean he didn’t go.The movie is just an outlet, so that after depression, there is always a place to release peace and find a warm place.”Some viewers believe that the origin of the film story is a reward of 300,000 yuan, but the final destination is actually” love is priceless “, and the seemingly insignificant little person shines a shocking light in the darkness.This Guilin Magnesium said: “I had mixed feelings in the final scene, maybe it was a victory for two women, but I was very confused when I played.I have obtained the so-called monetary benefits in reality, but may have renounced some parts of morality and morality.”The movie” Southern Station Party “will be fully screened on the national theater on December 6.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Chen Diyan