“Chubby,How about you?”Wang Shaoxiao smiled and said。

Chubby raised his head,Looked at everyone,Looked at Lu Menglin again,Grinned:“I don’t understand what you said,Just feel good!Anyway, Brother Lu and I,Who did Brother Lu let me do?,Who am i doing!”
OK!Talked for a long time,It turns out that there is still a dream here,Who is it full of brains?!
Lu Menglin heard the chubby answer,Only a wry smile,There is no other way。
He can persuade everyone here,But only fat,He can do nothing。
Because people are fatal,One strand to the end,Sometimes it’s that simple,Pure heart,It’s hard to fool。
Since the park group racking incident ended,Liufang seems to have regained calm。
Fat Dun still accompanies Lu Menglin to school on time every day,Just like a competent bodyguard。
Feng Nan finally stopped skipping class,He picked up the textbook again,Study hard every day,I hope to be as Lu Menglin said,Finally fight for the exam,Stay away from those village rubbish。
The child Zhou Zhuojun still stays in the street king game hall to be his master,He has no interest in learning,He is particularly talented for games。Lu Menglin will not force anyone,Just think about it occasionally,If this child is similar to the one in my memory,Maybe in the future he will be a great person,Don’t worry about it。
The business of Jiehuang Game Hall is getting better,Because every day is overcrowded,Some people don’t even come to play games,But to find the legendary little master of qigong。
The most speechless is Teacher Gong, who teaches third-year Chinese,One day I quietly called Lu Menglin to the corner of the playground,He has to show off his mastery of qigong,Lu Menglin can’t laugh or cry。
Time is in a rush,In a blink of an eye, it’s time for Liufang No. 1 Middle School to release the third-year midterm exam results.。
did not expect,As a classmate Lu Menglin carrying a handle in Liufang No. 1 Middle School,Actually got a good result that surprised everyone again,689Minute,Third in the whole year,Compared to the total score of the first place Su Xuehen720Points are missing31Points only。
If you continue to follow this score,Lu Menglin is likely to become one of Liufang No. 1 Middle School’s hopes for entering a key university。And the grades are good enough to be like him,Don’t say Liufang got hit,I’m afraid high schools across the country are very rare。
however,Everything in the Lu Family has gradually begun to be on track,When developing into a virtuous circle,There was a very bad news from my grandmother’s home.。
Uncle called,He told Mother Lu,Grandma is sick,heavy sick,Just sent to the hospital in town,The preliminary examination said the kidney was broken。
Mother Lu heard the news,So scared,I’m going back to my hometown on the spot。
Lu Menglin learned the news,Rushed out of school to join my mom,Dad came forward and borrowed a car from the factory,Hurried to the town where grandma was hospitalized。
When it’s dark,The Lu family finally arrived at the town hospital,I saw my grandma in the ward。