Deity of the Northern Xuanwu Xingjun,Is already the third one he borrowed。

basically,About a week,Will be back。
The audience in the live broadcast room has nothing to say,Taoism fell to this level?I have to rent idols?Too miserable?
Hu Yang and others were also dumbfounded,There is such a thing。If the master is still there,I guess I’ll be pissed off?
Chapter Three Hundred and Nineteen acquaintance
Leaving Taoist Temple,Turned a corner,Came to a road about three or four meters wide,Road is very narrow,If someone parks a car here,It’s definitely going to be blocked。
Huazi Discovery,Roads of the city,Doesn’t seem to be very spacious,Just more refined,Good greening。Both sides of the road,I can even see the big tree hugged by the two,This is not seen in many cities。
On this road,There are scattered stalls on both sides,Not just in the antique business,And cut hair、Mole、Fortune telling and so on。
Walking on this road,Most of them are elderly people。
“This friend,I see your Yintang is black,I’m afraid it’s dangerous recently,Come,I’ll calculate it for you。”
suddenly,A voice came from Populus。
Everyone look over,Is a tall and thin fortuneteller。On his stall,Very simple,With a few small props,A piece of cloth with pictures of gossip spread out on the ground,Next to it is a sign,It says:Insight into the password of life,Explore the misfortunes of life。
See this,Everyone can’t help but curl their lips。
and,Everyone knows,The Yintang he said just now is black,It’s Wen Wenhao。
Take a look at the position of his arm,Gauze,That was when I saved people yesterday,The location of the burn。In the eyes of others,Must have been a bad luck lately,No wonder the fortune teller is eyeing。
Xiao Gao they want to laugh,Sometimes being a bystander is quite interesting。
“I just came out of Taoist Temple,Do you have eye problems?”Wen Wenhao couldn’t help but say。
Have been cheated once?