Xu Ruzhen directly announced the things that Li Hui’s face was announced.。

And this result is also very satisfied with the wind.。
“Row,Then thank yourself.。”
Li Hui Feng’s politely reached out with the other party.。
Xu Ruzhen’s slender jade hand has some ice but cold feelings,Then, Li Hui, I saw the situation of the other party.。
“Menstruation,Menstrual disorder,Dysmenorrhea,Waist is cold。”
There are four small symptoms that are not large.。
And Xu Ruzhen also felt the warmth of Li Hui’s palm.,Although the two only have a slight hand,But I gave her a feeling of shaking hands with other men.。
Li Hui is very honest,It is completely shaking hands with her heart.,And when she talks about other bosses or managers,Those old men shake hands always like their hands and then touch it.。
Every time she feels nausea.。
“You are welcome,I will turn money to you.,You pay attention to check。”
Bank account to Li Hui,Xu Ruzhen was also not hesitant to Li Hui’s turnover over 100,000 yuan.。
Soon Li Li, received the transfer of each other。
I think that the other side gave himself 10,000.,Li Rong is a problem that the other party’s body is thinking。
Although he did not understand Shen Nong inheritance,But now, how much is a way to treat each other。
“Xu Manager,I still have something,I don’t know if you are not convenient.?”
whats the matter,Despite it,As long as it is the responsibility of this store,I am absolutely unlivied.。”
Xu Ruzhen didn’t know that Li Hui Feng is to help her.,She also thought that the other party was not satisfied.。
“Hey-hey,Is private problem,It is if you are convenient, you can go to our village to find me.,I will ask you to drink tea or drink porridge.,You can offset you more than 10,000 money.,Otherwise, I always feel that you are in your heart.。”
Li Hui’s words, this is a laughter。
“Handsome guys,You a cup of tea, a bowl of porridge, 10,000?
Is it that fairy tea is not?”
If this is put on others,Xu Ruzhen has long enough to make the other side roll more far.,This fools that the three-year-old child is not so fooled.,What’s more, she also touched crawling on the mall for so many years.。
“Hey-hey,Xu learned to know,I can only say that the so-called Chinese medicine that the manager has now stopped.,There are also those who have been tapping to be tapping.,Otherwise, your body is tossing in the morning and evening.。”
Li Hui said that this will take Qin Suya to leave.。
And Xu Ruzhen was completely shocked by Li Hui’s words.。
Because Li Hui said the actual sentence is true.,If she is very definitely, the person who is cupping to him is not Li Hui,She even doubts that Li Pei’s wind is in tracking her peep.。
“Little brother,You wait,Who is it told you??”
No one told me.,I saw it.,Just when you shake hands with you,Your hand is cold,Although I didn’t give you a pulse but I can guess some,Especially your posture you enter the door is not normal.,Through these me guess。”
Li Hui Feng said that guess,But Xu Ruyi felt that I met Shen doctor.。
Her dysmenorrhea is low-spirited, these two problems have been tortured. She has been a long time.,I haven’t found a lot of places.。
Especially low back pain,Traction,Acupuncture,It has been done in electrical compatibility but it is not good.,She has even wanted to make minimally invasive。
But minimally invasive risks,Especially she is still married yet.,If you have a three long two shorts, she doesn’t have the courage.。
However, Li Li followed the style of the wind, but she suddenly felt hope.。
“Little brother,You mean, I can give me a good three days.?”
“Um,Ten eight nine,Remember multi-purpose clothes,I have to go back to water.,Otherwise it is delayed.。”