“Damn,Fucking!”Gu Changfeng heard this familiar voice,Surprised and happy,The person here is actually Li Tianchou,I just look forward to the stars and the moon,Finally came to pan,Although he doesn’t want to admit it in face,But the very passive reality cannot help him。

“Where did you fucking go?Leave a word without thinking,Never show up,Don’t you worry about it??”Gu Changfeng immediately stretched out his old face,Playing the emotional card,Mainly there is a ghost in my heart,Worrying that he was unfavorable to Li Tianchou in the meeting that night made the other party feel a knot。
“Inconvenient to show up,Let everyone miss。I went to do a few things,After hearing the puppet’s call, he came。”Li Tianchou didn’t care about those corners of the past,He hid in the deep mountains and old forests for seven days,Everything is going well,Yuanli also recovered seven or eight,The most important thing is to control the injury,And completely erased‘Nirvana handkerchief’The mark of chaos left in his soul,Because there is a ten-day agreement with the Great Asura God,Taking advantage of this gap, let’s take a look at what difficulties Gu Changfeng has encountered.。
Repair 13 damaged puppets,Li Tianchou spent another whole day,Although Li Xiucheng’s soul is extremely powerful,But deconstructing those complicated numbers and formations is also quite laborious,Fortunately, Yuwen asked for the same puppetry guide,Otherwise, give him a few more years to complete the repair。
There are three more completely destroyed puppets,Li Tianchou can’t take it away,I can’t put them in,Had to erase all marks,Then bury it deeply。
Kampot is not easy to handle,And dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water,I thought I took Li Tianchou’s body,The other party dare not do anything to him,Unexpectedly, Li Tianchou’s temper came up,Directly used the soul search technique,This is the first time he has used such a vicious method,Successively destroyed the Taoism and the two souls and seven souls of Kampot,Turn it into a waste。
The result of the soul search is a very clear clue,His body was hidden by Kampot in that small county called Guangting,over there,Li Tianchou suffered a big loss the first time he encountered Kampot,I never thought that a small courtyard in Guangting County turned out to be a secret stronghold in Kampot,This actually makes Li Tianchou feel at ease,If this servant hid his body in Dala Mountain,He has to go to great trouble,Maybe it will happen again‘Nirvana handkerchief’,Unpredictable after fruit。
Now Kampot is self-defeating,To deliberately conceal the whereabouts of Li Tianchou’s body for selfish desire,Deceive the old demon of Dala Mountain,I’m afraid he didn’t even dream of it, but he helped Li Tianchou get rid of these troubles。
Easily find the body,Li Tianchou dare not neglect,This bastard Kampot has defeated his physical training,Skin ligninization,Dark gray surface,Uglier than the corpse in the morgue,Li Tianchou was furious,But can’t attack,I had to find a solution in the collection of black scrolls。
Yuwen seeks to learn a lot in the same life,Like a miser, he has collected countless rare and exotic objects,All this is left to Li Tianchou,Just like providence,Looked up for a long time,Li Tianchou was disappointed,There is no good way for physical damage,Only the soul returns,Warm up slowly,Can it be restored to its previous peak state,By chance。So,He can’t show his true colors for the time being。
Although Kampot only has one soul,But this person is very knowledgeable,Sinister and cunning,Adventurous,Li Tianchou is not assured of letting him fend for himself,Still brought it with me。Everything done,Seven full days have passed,Li Tianchou hurried to find Gu Changfeng。
“Just come,Too timely,I just had a little trouble,Not afraid of your jokes,Our brothers are discussing,Nothing good yet,You say evil is not evil?This time I seem to have encountered a new monster。”Gu Changfeng rubs his hands,Embarrassed though,Still cheeky telling everyone what happened in Gedian in detail。
Li Tianchou listened carefully,The first reaction is consistent with the instructor,The opponent should be someone with supernatural powers.,Good at creating illusions,Bewitched、Distorting the minds of others,How high is its own strength value,But it is the most troublesome type of opponent,He suffered a lot,Also quite learned,And actually agree with Gu Changfeng’s plan。
Old Gu stunned,Before Li Tianchou came,He was naturally angry,Plan to sink the boat,But now I have confidence,Naturally lost that spirit,I don’t want to take risks anymore。