Recommended skin care products for sensitive skin


Recommended skin care products for sensitive skin

Chamomile skin effect: more burns, blisters, inflamed wounds, ulcers and healing.

Helps improve eczema, facial blisters, herpes, psoriasis, hypersensitive skin, and general allergies.

It calms broken micro blood vessels, improves elasticity, and is excellent for dry and itchy skin.

Eliminates puffiness and strengthens tissues, it is a very good skin cleansing product.

  ① EliZAbethArden Time Toner Pure Toner Pink is very pleasing and looks moisturizing, but there is no thick feeling when applied, and the effect of oil control is also very good. Plant ingredients such as chamomile clean and purify the skin, leaving it fresh and clear.

  ② Herborist after-sun repair essence sprayed. Many people like to carry it when they go out. The spray design is very convenient to use. Chinese herbal extracts such as Centella asiatica, chamomile, chrysanthemum can quickly replenish moisture, regulate skin surface pH, and repair sensitive skin.Effectively fights sun damage to skin.

  ③SISLEY Botanical Complex Essence Aromatherapy is its biggest feature. It combines rosemary, chamomile, sage, rose and other natural plant ingredients to allow the skin to self-repair using the rest time at night, with a natural complexion and moisturization.sense.

  ④ CLARINS Clarins Gentle Toning Lotion S “Beauty King” ‘s recommendation made it popular, in fact, it already has many lovers.

Non-alcoholic, contains a variety of plant extracts such as Alps herbs, chamomile, linden, etc., which gently removes traces of cleansing emulsion residue, stimulates the skin, leaves skin clear and transparent, and makes it easier to apply makeup.

  ⑤ Lancome Pure Series Gel Cream is specially designed for oily skin. It contains particulate liposuction factor, which can penetrate into the pores, absorb sebum from the root, and add chamomile extract to soothe the skin and make the skin more comfortable.

And this series of products has the same fresh floral fragrance, top, middle and aftertaste as the perfume. It gives people the best pleasure. ⑥ BIOTHERM Biotherm’s new wisdom whitening control enzyme essence whitening enzyme is known as “skin scavenger.”It can control the secretion of melanin, so that it has no chance of appearing. Kiwi fruit extract can dilute the existing spots. More intimate is the addition of chamomile and licorice extract, which effectively soothes sun and irritation caused by wind and dust, and fully protects the skin.

  Biotherm Biotherm Men’s After Shave Milk Chamomile Extract saves a small number of men from nightmares. It can effectively eliminate the burning and tingling sensations after shaving. Moisturizing factors and natural safflower oil can increase the softness and comfort of the skin, making everyShaving is more comfortable and happy.