Baoding Silver Insurance Branch: Strengthening the Improvement of Financial Services

People’s Network Baoding October 29th "" Three measures to accelerate the promotion of green insurance business, organize the ‘financial knowledge into Wanjia’ activities, promote the wisdom of Xiongan New District … "Recently, Baoding Silver Insurance Branch won the construction of Xiongan New District , The national "double carbon" strategy, etc., solid "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities, strengthen financial services and supervision. In the context of the national "double carbon" strategy, green insurance is more concerned.

Baoding Silver Insurance Branch has been strengthened with special mechanisms, and the environmental pollution liability insurance "fist" products are used, and use the national strategic opportunities and policy guidance to accelerate the promotion of green insurance business. In the construction of mechanism construction, Baoding Silver Coverage Branch actively strengthens green insurance system construction, organizational construction and resource scheduling, and penetrates green insurance services, underwriting, claims.

In view of environmental pollution liability insurance demand, strong social benefits, etc.

In order to accelerate the promotion of the green insurance business, Baoding Insurance agencies actively take the "green" development concept, Baoding quality life city construction, "Building Xiongan Green Wisdom New City" policy window, uses a national strategic opportunity and policy orientation.

Among them, the humanote protection insurance Baoding Branch is a new type of "urban forest insurance" in the urban forest construction project, innovating "urban forest insurance", and provides a buffer gear, and has provided a buffer profile. Provide risk protection billions. In the construction of Xiongan New District, the small and medium-sized banks in the district also promoted the intensive finance to extends to the new districts. CITIC Bank Hebei Xiongan Branch R & D Yunyi "Building Fund Management Zone Block Chain System", realizing construction funds all procedures, full-flow, penetration payment; Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Hebei Xiongan Branch established a 24-hour enterprise registration service station, provided Registration, tax, seal collection, license print, bidding and other enterprises, have accumulated 275 service companies.

In addition, in order to further strengthen "I do practical things for the masses", fully improve the basic financial services of Baoding Bank Insurance, the level of public welfare services, and Baoding Silver Coverage Branch launched "financial knowledge into the whole city" financial knowledge Home "activities, promote mission activities in the form of online +.

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