Acupressure therapy can treat color blindness

Acupressure therapy can treat color blindness

Color blindness is a congenital color vision disorder disease, which belongs to the visual cell abnormality of the fundus retina and cannot distinguish colors.

But what if you think of this fact as a non-visual cell abnormality and just stunting?

As long as the visual cells are stimulated, color blindness has an “alternative”.

  Some people say that color blindness is inherited and cannot be treated.

Experts say: According to statistical judgment, there is such a genetic factor.

Experts say that color-blind patients are mostly male, about 4-5%, and female patients are less than 1/10 of men.

Color blindness also varies with the degree. In severe cases, there is no feeling about color. Even red and green cannot be distinguished.

Such people are very inconvenient at work, so they are often not hired.

  Color blind therapy has a coup: acupoint and finger pressure method 1, acupoint and finger pressure method refers to the “four whites” located 2 cm below the center of the eyeball, which can improve eye function.

When you are acupressure, press the index finger for 6 seconds while exhaling.

The acupressure and closed eye acupressure are similar when acupressure.

  When blinking, you can clearly determine the color, and when you close your eyes, you can treat abnormal vision and pseudomyopia.

If it is a potentially strong color anomaly, it should be emphasized at the moment.

  If this finger pressure is continuously performed, the color vision abnormality will be gradually eliminated.

In the morning, before the face mirror, it does not hinder the finger pressure once. It is better for the woman to apply finger pressure after removing makeup at night.

  2, color blind correction mirror – effective way to correct color blindness The principle of color blind correction mirror, according to complementary color alignment, special coating on the lens, the role of wavelength, permeable to long wavelengths, reflections for short wavelengths.

Wearing color blind glasses can make the original color blind map unclear conversion can be correctly identified.

Achieve the effect of correcting positive color vision disorders.

  Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture can effectively treat color blindness. It is called “red as white” disease. It is considered to be congenitally deficient, caused by liver and kidney deficiency, or is weak in the spleen and stomach. The water in the valley is not enough, and the essence of Xuanfu is not sufficient.To.

Treatment should be to dilute the eye meridian qi and blood, nourish the liver and kidney, health and transport in the soil, and reconcile Xuan Fu.

Acupuncture treatment can alleviate symptoms to some extent.

In addition, color blind correction mirrors can also achieve the effect of correcting color vision disorders.