19+22 Utah monster Gobert is too scary Zhou Qi draft market is rising!_1

19+22 Utah monster Gobert is too scary Zhou Qi draft market is rising!
On March 13, Beijing time, the Houston Rockets lost to the Utah Jazz 91-109 on the road. The Jazz center Rudy Gobert played 36 minutes. He scored 19 points, 22 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 blocks in 8 of 11 shots.under.  In terms of strength comparison, the Rockets ranked fourth in the Western Conference are obviously much stronger than the 11th Jazz in the Western Conference.But unexpectedly, in today’s game, Jazz teenager Gorbert turned out, completely defeated the Rockets.Today’s Gorbert, tomorrow’s Zhou Qi    Gorbert is a sophomore. In the rookie season, his performance is not eye-catching.So much so that ESPN did not pay special attention to him in the player report.ESPN just emphasized that Gorbert’s wingspan reached 7 feet 9 inches, setting an NBA history record, good blocking and rebounding, but needs to be stronger.However, there is no ability to attack in the low post, nor the ability to shoot in the high post, and can only score by air cut and second offense.  But today, Gorbert clearly achieved a big explosion. In the first quarter, he got two doubles!Although the poor have only 10 points and 10 rebounds in the double-doubles, don’t forget, it only took 12 minutes!In addition, he also sent out a cap.what does this mean?The Rockets grabbed only 10 rebounds in the first quarter, and Gobert won the Rockets alone.  At the end of the halftime, Gorbert had scored 14 points, 18 rebounds and 3 blocked shots, including 11 offensive rebounds-the Rockets had only 22 rebounds and 7 offensive rebounds.Gorbert caught the Rockets’ rebounds by himself.Look at the comparison between the two centers: half-time, Donatas-Motiejunas 7 points and 2 rebounds, Gorbert 14 points and 18 rebounds, scoring twice as much as Motie, rebounding is Motie’s nineTimes!  In the second half, Gorbert still did not relax.In the third quarter, he grabbed 4 rebounds and improved the data to 12 frontcourt rebounds and 10 backcourt rebounds. The frontcourt rebounds still surpassed the Rockets team, and the total number of rebounds was only 6 fewer than the Rockets team.If it weren’t for Gott to step on his teammates and sprained his ankle, he might grab more.  Although sprained his ankle, Gott’s physical advantage was still too shocking: 9 minutes and 23 seconds in the fourth quarter, Josh Smith made a layup, although the Eagle King had already seen Gott’s sitting inside, andI chose to take a jump and shoot early, but Gorbert still fanned the ball like a fly with a strange wingspan.And from the slow-motion playback, it can be seen that Gobert first jumped in the air, glanced at the position of his teammates, and then bent his arm to fan the ball in the direction of his teammates, directly launched the fast attack-then he ran towardsIn the frontcourt, catching the ball completed a strong dunk with both hands.  In the game, Gorbert scored 19 points, 22 rebounds and 4 blocks in 36 minutes in the early game, setting a career scoring record.  In fact, Gottbert’s characteristic is that, as ESPN said, his advantage is its arm span and physical fitness. The disadvantage is that it has rough technology, no low-level offense, and no high-range long-range shooting technology.But it turns out that as long as Gorbert has improved some confrontations, then his talent alone is enough to set off waves in today’s NBA.This can’t help but remind the Chinese teenager Zhou Qi. Zhou Qi’s characteristics are almost the same as those of Gorbert, who is 2.16 meters, wingspan 2.36 meters, while Zhou Qi is 2.18 meters, wingspan 2.28 meters, not worse than Gobert, but it still needs to strengthen its strength-Gobert’s 111 kg body weight is still called a lack of confrontation. Zhou Qi’s 95 kg weight is still too light as a center.If Zhou Qi can gain weight and maintain his flexibility and bounce, then his future is definitely worth looking forward to.(Grunt)