“With your foresight,Can’t tell the truth from what these people say??”Zhao Feng asked back。

“No way,I said it before,He Mo Ye、All the information about Moxie is unpredictable,But if it is false information, it means it has never existed,I naturally can’t know,My ability is not mind reading,Is foreknowledge,Although you can know the identities of these people,But can’t recognize lies。”Bai Ze shook his head。
Zhao Feng immediately reached out and swiped on Bai Ze’s phone,Recall the fourth screen,Is the voice of that young woman。
“This woman,What’s the origin?”Zhao Feng asked。
“Her?Is a female worker in a garment factory!Don’t listen to her voice seems good,Actually people are average!Really average!She came to scam money,I debunked it later,Don’t have the face to ask me for money!”Bai Ze waved his hand,Obviously I don’t like this woman。
Zhao Feng nodded,Then he pondered for a moment,Analysis Road:“There are similarities among these pieces of information,E.g:Regardless of whether Mo Ye is Mo Xie,But this man was at least once a swordsman,And bad swordsmanship,Ten battles and nine defeats,And this person is likely to be a female。”
“Yes!I think so too!”Bai Ze is overjoyed。
“and also……”Zhao Feng pointed to the video on the phone,Seriously:“I think what this woman said is true。”
“fart!Zhao Feng,I understand,This woman’s voice is indeed good,But why don’t you believe me?You can’t be fooled by this woman’s voice!What she said is not credible!”Bai Ze retorted excitedly。
“Don’t get excited,Listen to me……She said Mo Ye、Moxie comes from the same origin,And mentioned that both are the same,At this point,You overlooked a premise……”
“You have the ability to predict,I knew the shape of Mo Xie Sword in advance,And the Mo Yejian I brought back this time,You saw it too,So you and I know the appearance of these two swords are exactly the same,But only you and I know,And this woman,But it is quite certain that the two are the same,It means she has seen at least these two swords,And the sentence behind her……You pay attention to her tone,Obviously there are six points of pride and four points of anger in the tone,It’s like comparing your own things with others’ things……If i guess right……”
“This woman,It should be the holder of Moye Sword。”Zhao Fengyu is amazing,Bai Ze was stunned on the spot。
Talking,Zhao Feng clicked on the video again,The two listened to the woman’s voice from beginning to end again,Bai Ze’s face is getting colder,He did hear the change in a woman’s tone。
“This……What a coincidence……”Bai Ze still wants to defend。
“coincidence?you need to know,The current password building is full of casual cultivators and even the cultivator circle.,This person mentioned magical instruments,Obviously I am an insider,Since she already knows Mo Ye、Mo Xie is not the same sword,Maybe I’ve been asking about Mo Ye’s whereabouts a long time ago,By comparison,I care more about the other two information……This woman means Mo Ye、Mo Xie has primary and secondary points,The final tone was angered,Analyze according to this logic,Maybe Mo Ye is the Lord,Mo Xie is this time。”
“She also mentioned that the two are from the same source,Combined with other information,We boldly speculate:Mo Ye is related to Mo Xie,So it’s probably as one piece of information said,Mo Ye is Mo Xie’s biological mother。”
Zhao Feng paused,Then looking at the window,Slowly:“If you combine all the information with a high probability of being true intelligence,Let’s sort it out,Can get the following truth……”
First volume·Bahuang Martial Arts Chapter Thirty Seven:Thoughts about Mo Ye
“Mo Ye,A female swordsmith,Active in the late spring and autumn,When he was young,Invite the World Swordsman,Nai He Swordsmanship、Limited casting,Ten battles and nine defeats,Sabre damaged all year round,And Mo Ye keeps improving his swordsmanship in battle after battle、Perfect casting,The swordman grows with the sword,Until later,Combine with a man surnamed Mo,Give birth to a daughter,Moxie。”