more than this,To curry favor with Wen Yunyun,Keep talking to Wen Yunyun,I want to brush my face。See her hypocritical appearance,Warm and warm just want to gag。

Parents’ wedding anniversary,As a elder sister, you need a younger sister to invite,How ironic,Wen Yunyun, isn’t this just telling everyone that she is the only lady in the Wen family??
First42chapter Make a fool of yourself
For this Wen’s lady,Warmth is not rare!If Wen Yunyun wants so much,Just take it,What you don’t want,She can only pick it up。
I want to make an anniversary next week?No doors,I’ll definitely lose Yu Shan’s face by then!
Wen Yunyun doesn’t know the idea of warmth,If you know,She wouldn’t come over to show off this thing,It’s just that this is something。
Early in the morning,The Wen family celebrated their wedding anniversary at the Zifeng Hotel,Although Wen Guohao did not know many rich people,But after all, there are people with faces and faces,Many people are here。
Yu Shan stood at the door of the hotel to welcome the VIP,Look outside from time to time。
She invited many reporters over,You must always pay attention to your own image。At this moment,An expensive dress,Dressed up young woman came over。
“Congratulations, Mrs. Wen。”
Yu Shan doesn’t know who the person in front of him is,But the visitor is the guest,There is no reason to ignore others,Bring up a smile of proper benefit。
“thank you,Thank you for coming。”
Young lady,Just smiled,Left。
Watching her leave,Yu Shan always feels a little familiar。
Although everyone doesn’t know,But all so hypocritical,This scene fell into the reporter’s lens,Everyone praised Yu Shan and Zhi Shu Da Li。