There are a lot of experimental data in this area in the database。

This is what Wang Yufei needs to know most。
Now the team led by Professor Pan is mainly focused on optical quantum computers,Is based on the optical system as the underlying logic。
of course,Want to realize quantum computing is not just this way。
Ion trap system、superconductor、Quantum dots、Diamond Vacancy、Silicon-based semiconductor、Topological system, etc.……
As a cutting-edge open technology,Choose a different direction,It also means different materials are used。
Wang Yufei’s vision for the future quantum brain is that it can operate at room temperature,This breaks several roads,After all, the most popular type of qubit is the qubit on superconducting materials.,Or a qubit on a single atom。Both the first and second types only exist at extremely low temperatures,Require huge costs to continuously cool the system。
In Wang Yufei’s opinion,This is obviously out of date。
Extremely wasteful。
If you want the quantum brain to maintain a long-term computing state,We must first ensure that the cooling system can operate normally,Not to mention maintaining the temperature around absolute zero,It’s even more resource-intensive。
This consumes a lot of energy than quantum computing itself。
This involves new materials。
Light quantum is a good way。
But Wang Yufei thinks there is something better,And the failure data in these laboratory records are giving him ideas。
of course,Wang Yufei can sink his heart to do research in the laboratory,It’s not because you don’t know Microsoft’s tricks。