“Miss Zhai,You think too much……Most people can’t reach this state!”Fang Yu replied。

“All right,Just for you……We are going to have a big meal tonight!”
Zhai Yun said seriously。
“Actually I’m almost fine……”
Fang Yu slowly said。
For food,Fang Yu is not too picky!
“That’s good!”
Zhai Yun nodded。
A boy with a good personality like Fang Yu,Rare。
After Zhai Yun praised Fang Yu,,Decided to wear this one out。
When they come to the reserved restaurant,It’s already seven o’clock。
“It’s so hot here!”
After Zhai Yun went in,Wondered。
these people,Why not turn on the air conditioner?
“Miss Zhai,so sorry……There is a problem with our air conditioning system,We are doing our best。but,Still did not find the problem!”
Waiter sorry。
They didn’t expect,This will actually last。
They have opened the ventilation,But little effect。
Zhai Yun is puzzled。