“So it was President Xia here,No wonder the magpie has been screaming on the branch this morning”

Zhang Teng’s laughter stopped,People came to Xia Jian。Xia Jian stood up busy,He smiled and said to Zhang Teng:“This is meGZMy friend Ms. Xia Fei,These are the Zhuang Xuan Teng Zhang brothers here”
“Brother Zhang!”
Xia Fei smiled slightly,He stretched out his hand。
Zhang Teng and Xia Fei shook hands,The color on my face changed slightly,He lowered his voice and asked Xia Jian:“Your friends will not be……”
“Yes,Not only but also special police。But you can rest assured,Her leg was injured on mission,I came here this time to heal my injuries。I think about it,Only your place is good,You have to arrange for her to be quiet,Environment and comfortable room。The most important thing is not to let people outside know that I gave him a needle to heal his injuries,If this matter is difficult for you,I’ll take her and leave immediately”
Xia Jian smiled,Very seriously。
Zhang Teng laughed and said:“Such a small matter,Can still live me hard。I will arrange her to live in which secret room!Which room Zhang Fenglan lived in。Don’t worry,I usually send someone to deliver her food”
“Don’t use this,I just don’t want others to know that I’ll give her a needle,Others don’t matter,You can let her live safely”
“President Xia can laugh,Is it safe to be here??It’s almost noon,Let’s talk while eating!”
Zhang Teng finished making arrangements。
Xia Jian asked Zhang Teng quietly:“Any important guest?We have to meet with Brother Zhang in person”
“God of Wealth!Xiong gathered He Wei to play cards,What else is Li Wei,He is a money-burning master。Oh!What happened between you and Li Wei?He seems to be extremely unkind to you”
When Zhang Teng said this,He lowered his voice。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“Nothing。What did he say,Is it for Xiongji and the others??How did Xiongji and He Wei react??”
“Li Wei only said that Xia Jian is crazy。Xiongji glanced at He Wei,Neither of them spoke。Li Wei laughed and said,He’s a small man,Why are we here in Bucheon??Xiongji snorted coldly“Then you ask him personally,We really don’t know this”
Zhang Teng lowered his voice,Told Xia Jian what these people said。