Chapter nine hundred and seventy three “magical”Of vegetables
When I knew Qin Feng wanted vegetables,A lot of vegetables were also taken down,Got it here。
It can be said that Qin Feng’s“magical”vegetables,That has already begun to sweep everywhere,Other villages have also started to plant directly according to Qin Feng’s instructions for easy growth,And vegetables with a short growth cycle。
The most important thing is that the water pipes have already been connected,There are still people inspecting these water pipes,It can be guaranteed that the vegetables are watered with spiritual liquid。
Qin Feng didn’t know what kind of situation would be caused by the water added with spiritual liquid,But he still doesn’t allow anyone to drink it secretly。
As for the people who guard the pipeline, they are naturally the veterans.,Qin Feng has also discussed with leader Chen again,That’s as many people as there are。
Because there is really a shortage of manpower here,That is, these professionally trained people,That’s the way to do things well。
One stop here is a few hours,And also look at many places,Naturally, we must have some professional skills。
But those are far away,People here,Eat one by one and eat a few more bites,Even some people who don’t like to eat vegetables,That’s also desperately competing for these things。
After all, after eating this thing,People will be more comfortable,In this situation,They are naturally willing to eat more。
“Sorry,Mr. Qin Feng,I am Meng Lang。”At first Gu Gu didn’t know where Qin Feng’s confidence was,But now he already knows clearly。
I’m afraid there is not enough goods in this place,How can you worry about the flow of people??
To know,These things are vegetables,How can this food be eaten locally to be fresh?,If it’s transportation,Who knows what it will become?
In this case,Many things are already in doubt。
Qin Feng said lightly:“This is nothing,I just want to let you know,Some things are not that complicated。”
I also support you if you want to shoot here,But you also saw,Once such a thing is promoted,I have tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands showing up every day,Those are not strange things。