The black-robed people are stagnant,I thought it was like that!Is this guy a freak?!He is obviously not as strong as me,Not even level 40,But he can last for so long,Even Jing Zhongyue was split,He is still unscathed,Where did this monster pop out!

“Your mother!If I have the equipment,I killed you long ago!You are weak at level 40!Is the weakest I have ever seen,none of them!”Lu Menglin dodges Shura’s chase,Scolded。
in fact,If he really wants to kill the man in black,Only need to control the blood-drinking magic weapon with mental power,One sword is enough。
Although the opponent is already level 40,But somehow,It’s really a weak forty level,Not the kind of overbearing on the forty-level fighter,The kind of abandoning me,Unstoppable courage。
This person has forty levels of light pattern power,But not the spirit of a forty-level fighter,Presumably, I can’t resist the ignorance of the defensive assassination,It’s just that Lu Menglin just transformed the light pattern power,Not familiar with the use of light lines,So it happened to use this forty level guy as a sharpening stone,Temper yourself in actual combat,Familiar with the use of light lines。
now,It looks like,It was the black robe man who had the upper hand,In fact, his heart is getting more and more anxious。
Because he already felt it,The opponent in front seems to be more and more brave,The more the war gets stronger,The opponent’s body and martial arts are all mastered perfectly,But for the use of power,Seems a bit jerky,Obviously lack of guidance from a master。
This lone ranger hunter came from a poor background,The use of power is not subtle enough,Of course,They are fighting by instinct,But this beastly intuition,Can make him
We all turn good,Very slick in battle,Hard to get fatal injuries。
If you keep entangled,I’m afraid there will be variables!This is something that people in black robes never want to see,So he wants to make big moves,Even if I pay some price,Also hurry up and clean up that wild man,Take the initiative again。
A thought,The breath of the black robe changed,As if a steady flow of power is emerging,Both aura and momentum have become stronger。
“not good,He’s going to make a big move!That guy,Can you stand it?!”Liu Chengzhu knows well,You can tell at a glance that the black-robed man is accumulating,This is one of the practical skills that only the forty-level strong are qualified to possess,Can be in a short time,Make your own light lines burst,Power increase。
Lu Menglin thought,The big move came just right!I’m trying to test the defensive power of the light pattern power,If I use the power of light pattern to promote the earth martial arts,Don’t know what the effect will be。
“come!I’m not afraid of you!Lao Tzu is famous for being resistant!”Lu Menglin deliberately does not retreat but advances,One step forward,Patting the chest,Shouted with a bold look。
See him a guy less than level 40,Fight against forty-level bosses,Can still be so fighting spirit,Lively,Don’t talk about City Lord Liu,Even the black-robed man can’t laugh or cry,I think this fool is really fearless in the ignorant!Does he even know his life is hanging by a thread??
Talking late,Then soon!Black robe full body robe without wind automatic,Blowed up by the breath,Fluttering,The Shura axe in his hand showed a strange blood red,As if it was just fished out of the blood pool,Mo Ming,Exuding a heavy killing intent。
“Blood Axe!”The black-robed man shouted,Hand up and down,Slammed an axe at the wild man。
I saw a large fan-shaped red glow from the blade of the Shura axe,Like a peacock,Swish it fills most of the space at once,Like a thousand swords,Qi Qi cuts towards Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin’s heart sighed slightly,He has already sensed the power of this trick。
The light pattern power in the opponent’s body is used as fuel,And the real move is the blood red Shura axe,The blood and killing intent in the axe,Under the pure energy filling of light pattern power,Become substantive,Broken spirit,Also kill**。