The roar of the armored car directly came out a harsh sound。

“Faster,You are as slow as tortoises,Slower than tortoise,You still want to enter the iron and blood blade?”
“Can’t hold on,Go straight back to pack up and leave……”
“Morning light,Do we speed up,That kid has overtaken us,”Li Erniu’s voice came from around。
“Shit,This guy is too bad for us,What’s so great about using Gatling to beat peanuts。”
“Super,Cut him,”He Chenguang looked disdainful,He can’t compare to this dick?
He Chenguang suddenly increased his speed to catch up or even surpass。
of course,Under the continuous increase in speed,Human consumption is undoubtedly greatly increased。
No matter how good He Chenguang is,,For a while, I can’t handle such a long-distance fast and heavy-load attack。
Gradually his speed slowed down,Just as he slowed down,He looked up。
The Qin Hao who Gatlin beats peanuts is right in front of him。
“what,Isn’t this He Chenguang, the sniper of Sharpshooter Fourth Company??”
“did not expect,I increase my speed,You can still catch up,not bad,”Qin Hao deliberately reduced his speed。
Then he stayed on a parallel line with He Chenguang。
Then Qin Hao made a sudden effort,Body rushed out again,Then the speed drops again。
And kept on a parallel line with He Chenguang。
Back and forth several times,Discerning people make you see,This is Qin Hao**Naked provocation。