“Boss Liu has a good vision,This old woman’s daughter-in-law is my aunt’s daughter。Her hometown personally asked me for help,Can you help me with this?!”Wang Youcai opened his mouth and came,His level of lying has reached the point of perfection。

Liu Xiong:“Oh!”Said:“It’s no wonder。But boss Wang will take care of my Liu’s business in the future。In our flat city,But there is nothing you can’t do”Liu Xiong said,Turn the topic,So he wore a high hat for Wang You。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Easy to say!Boss Liu is qualified,We have a period after the meeting”Wang Youcai finished,Let go and went downstairs。
A lot of people stood downstairs,When they saw Wang Youcai,He quickly stood up straight,Gave Wang Youcai a channel。
Wang Youcai just walked to the door on the first floor,Wu Wu led Yao Chunni over。Without waiting for Wang Youcai to speak,Wu Wu has lowered his voice and said:“Already transferred,The bank guy said,It will be available tomorrow at the latest”
“it is good!Let the brethren go away!”Wang Youcai said softly。
His voice just fell,Li Lanxiang didn’t know where it came from,She grabbed Yao Chunni and said:“Give me the bank card,I don’t worry if you hold it”
Yao Chunni said coldly:“do not worry,I don’t want any money in it。But Boss Wang shocked so many people,Did you let everyone go like this??You can’t be like this,Give me the fifty thousand in your hand,I’m here to bury Sui Cong’s entertainer,Take all the 150,000”
Li Lanxiang still hesitated,Yao Chunni has snatched the bag in her hand。Gave Li Lanxiang the bank card in her hand。Li Lanxiang can’t react,Where are you still standing in a daze。
First2060chapter Struggle for family property
People live in this world,Only family affection is the most important,But when money appeared,Most people will lose their nature。
Li Lanxiang,A rural old man in his sixties,Live in the mountains for a lifetime,She may or may not dream that she can have more than 100,000 at once。So when this happened,She is a little numb,She even forgot that the money was in exchange for her son’s life。
Although Yao Chunni is also a rural woman,But she is young after all,Somewhat cultural。So she is at this time,Shows her simple and sensible nature。
Yao Chunni took out 20,000 yuan from her bag and stuffed it into Wu Wu’s hand,She choked up:“You take everyone to have a meal,Then hired a car to transport my husband’s body to Chenzhuang。Other things needed for a funeral,Trouble you to do it all”
“Leave this to you,be quick。Can’t use so many people,Pick something capable。Because of poor rural conditions,There are too many people going there”Wang Youcai on the side added another sentence to Wu Wu。
Wu Wu nodded and said:“Don’t worry, brother Wang!I must do it for you”Wu Wu finished,Wave,Take his group of people and leave。
When Wang Youcai looks back,,I don’t know when Li Lanxiang’s side,There have been forty middle-aged men in the countryside。They talked about where Li Lanxiang was,Don’t know what’s arguing。
Wang Youcai winked at Yao Chunni,The two hurried to the hospital。Wang Youcai is ahead,Yao Chunni followed behind him,But the two always keep a certain distance。
Wang Youcai has already seen from Li Lanxiang’s performance today,This old woman has moved her mind。She might drive Yao Chunni out of the house。But this time,He can’t say,Otherwise, Yao Chunni will be sad。