Can I eat sashimi during the epidemic? Nine suggestions for home cooking diet security

The raw fish is frozen for a long time, then cooking once a time, it is better to handle it, do more, after cooking, then furnish into several, refrigerated or freezing. This can kill the pathogenic microorganism in time, avoid pollution refrigerator, and it is more convenient to eat. Every time you take a copy, heater heaters in the pot, or the microwave is heated for two minutes, and it is possible to reach 70 ° C to the center temperature. The seafood products can not be bought, can you eat, have not found that eating seafood products can lead to evidence of new crown virus infections.

Existing research shows that new crown viruses mainly via respiratory foam and close contact propagation, and in relatively closed environment, there is a possibility that there is a possibility that is propagated in an aerosol, and other propagation routes are in a clear. In the process of daily treatment, pay attention to hygiene in the process of edible food, the born board is separated, and the hand is washed before and after processing, and the raw cooked food cannot be mixed.

The vegetables purchased in the supermarket are the dishes in the new distribution in early June. Can you eat? There have not yet been found to have evidence of new crown viruses through the food through the digestive tract, vegetables can be assured. In daily treatment, when cooking food should pay attention to food safety, including food treatment, washing hands before and after the food treatment, the born board is separated, the food and water are hot and cooked, do not eat raw food (sashimi, salad, etc.), fruit needs to be peeled, use clean Net cutlery, kitchen utensils can be disinfected in steaming 15 minutes. For the cooked food of the purchase, it is recommended to use itself after heating.

In addition, the current is in summer, vegetables are not easy to save, it is recommended to buy with you, don’t store a lot.

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