But reality gave him a loud slap。

“How could this be,This is impossible!”Seeing Qin Feng directly shoot at the two heavenly powerhouses in the black guard, Yaotong was shocked。
Rao is that these two people have been prepared,But still failed to avoid Qin Feng’s shooting completely。So both of them were injured,Even to avoid bullets,They have no chance to deal with Yao Changsheng。
More than two black guards,Even Yaotong was forced by Qin Feng
Can only step back and find the bunker。
Yao Musen saw everyone else quit,Even if Qin Feng didn’t attack him,But he dare not fight alone,So immediately set a distance with Yaotong and others to form a horn.。
Yao Li’er supports Yao Changsheng,Worry on the face。
And the latter,At this time, he was vomiting blood,Obviously the end of the crossbow。
“Ha ha,Unexpectedly,My Yao Changsheng would actually be beaten to vomit blood one day。The most unexpected is,My Yao Changsheng needs outsiders to save me one day,What a sad thing!”Yao Changsheng’s voice is full of sadness。
Qin Feng can’t hear,Tinnitus in both ears。Even Qin Feng thinks he won’t be able to hear the sound anymore.?If this is the case, things will be very troublesome。
“Humph,You are just lucky,I actually met a deaf man to help you。wrong,should say,In the beginning, your second elder Yao Changsheng and outsiders killed our Patriarch and rebelled。And my medicine boy is just wearing a black guard to get out of chaos anyway!”After thinking about it, Yaotong changed his statement。
“You are shameless!”Yao Changsheng was half-dead at Yaotong’s statement。
After all, the other party is reversing right and wrong。Yao Changsheng can accept all kinds of bad things that others say,But he doesn’t accept others to slander him。
Yao Changsheng feels his loyalty to pharmacists can be learned,Even the other children of Pharmacists can’t compare to their love of this family。
“Qin Feng,Help me kill that bastard。Our pharmacist is willing to cooperate with your official。”Yao Changsheng was already a little impulsive。
How,Qin Feng couldn’t hear,I just saw Yao Changsheng yelling at Yaotong。As for the content,Qin Feng can’t hear。
But this does not prevent Qin Feng from shooting。