“First confuse me with drugs,Then grab it back and slowly torture the medicated bath formula……”

Wang Hong took a shower when he returned to the hotel,The cool bath water keeps on head,Make him sober at the moment,Quickly made a guess。
Wang Hong was in Pingan this time,Didn’t do anything high-profile,At most, the cost of eating and drinking is slightly extravagant。
Even if someone becomes greedy,But it’s not enough to attack him in the inn。
Besides,He also sold some refined salt。
Now the government doesn’t care about private salt,Even if you want to be held accountable,Nor through such means。
And the food shopkeeper shouldn’t be so impatient,After all, the second batch of salt has not been delivered yet,It’s easy to get rid of him at this time。
therefore,Ping Yiluo’s suspicion is definitely the biggest,And he is the most powerful doctor in Menglin County,The level of poison is definitely not bad。
Wang Hong integrated the sea turtle template,Various resistances have also improved a lot,It’s definitely not that easy for ordinary smokers to put him down,There will be no signs at all。
So Wang Hong is almost certain,Ping Yiluo was the bastard who had calculated him。
“It is said that Pingyiluo’s martial arts qualifications are average,Failed to break through in his early years to become an acquired warrior,But after so many years,He is not short of money,It is estimated that the forging is complete。”
“With my current defense capabilities,Ordinary forging is complete,Want to break through my physical defense,Almost impossible。”
“But Ping Yiluo is different,He must not underestimate his poisonous means。”
“Besides, he has been a doctor for so many years,There must be a lot of people saved,If you can’t kill with one hit,Afterwards, there will be a steady stream of revenge。”