Eighteen souls in one,True spirit becomes complete,Shenhun is more than ten times stronger。

then,It’s Jindan Mana。
Eighteen pure Yang Jin Dan suspended in the air,Mingled with each other。The original dark golden golden core color has become crystal clear,Gave birth to a majestic mana。
Li Ming’s deity of gods and demons is a second-class golden core,Mana is also very majestic,I can make a comparison right now。
On the quality of mana alone,Eighteen pure Yang Jin Dan mana fusion,The mana conceived is even better than the second-class pure Yang Jindan。
of course,On the amount of mana or second-class pure Yang Jindan more。
At last,It’s a fairy,Although the body of the true fairy is far inferior to the god,But still far beyond the ordinary,Eighteen true celestial bodies in one,The strength of the body alone can be compared with the gods and monsters who return to Void。
“boom~”Li Ming’s second soul opened his eyes,Incomparable mysterious light shines。
“Really majestic mana!”Li Ming feels his own pure Yang Jindan,That extremely powerful mana,Are enough to crush several Seven Luminaries。
But after experiencing the mana comparable to the second-class pure Yang Jindan series,Li Ming’s eighteen in one clone quickly separated,Re-transformed into eighteen relatively ordinary true immortals。
He knows,This mana is not his limit。
because,He also has the method of tempering and upgrading the third-class golden core,Of course, once the second soul is united,,Jindan itself undergoes qualitative changes,Naturally, we cannot use the previous method。
but,Use the method to enhance the golden core,I have to bring the two wonders of the method。
Moon Lake,It’s a remote place in the Three Realms,Still on the way here。
After a long time,Li Ming’s deity tears the void,Enter the Zhongshan World。
Wave of hand,180,000 catties of extremely hot Jiuyan pulp,180,000 catties of icy ice core appeared in front of the second soul eighteen clone。
“Ready to start!”Li Ming’s eyes can’t help but show a scorching heat,Once the plan is successful, his strength will change qualitatively。
The method he got to improve the level of Jindan《Frozen Alchemy》,First of all, we need to condense the formation method。
In the realm of Li Ming,This kind of formation is not difficult to arrange。
“Formation,to make!”The surging second-class true celestial power of the god deity。