But the longer it is in Ginger.,More than people who ginger are watching,He is understanding this is also a profound understanding.。

Even more than Chinese medicine,But I want to learn well.,There are very fews of learning.。
And there is no such thing as ginger.。
Because he actually saw Jiang Taiyi can govern the disease,Although it is not like Chinese medicine,But those remedies have the same intentions。
Distance of the road,Jiang Tai is also constantly transferring。
People encountered on the road,Jiang Tai is basically giving a look.,Then say an eight-ninety-nine。
Even if there are several business preparations, please ginger to see the homestead.。
And the price is actually reached a million。
This price,Let Li speak the best for the first time, this is so profitable.。
Until the seventh day,Jiang Taifang is also with Li Hui to the city.。
One to Shenzhen,Jiang Taiyi took Li Hui to find a few old friends.。
Then I asked about the news about Qin Su Ya.。
The result is nothing to know.。
Li Hui Feng is also a bustling city in the city.,People who want to find a hidden surname is really like a large sea.。
Originally he thought as long as it came,It should be found。
The result is still no clue。
“Grandfather,How do we find now??”
“Not looking for it,Do you teach you, have you learned??”
“Um,Have learned,But I want to learn to learn Xiaoya’s way.,Even if it is expensive, I am willing to。”
Li Hui said this,Also a firm。
“That way I can’t teach you,And I am afraid I can’t stay with you.。”
I heard ginger too.,Li Hui is a little unexpected。
“What is the meaning of Jiang Grandpa??”
“Is literally meaning,Because I am afraid the big limit,So I have to prepare for the past these days.。”
One heard this,Li Hui has directly taken out a jade bottle to hand it to Jiang Taiyi。
“Grandfather,I still have a little life.,You should be able to support a few years.?”
Seeing Li Hui’s unspeakable things without hesitation,Jiang Taifang is also a happy smile.。
“You have this heart.,But I haven’t used it.,I will waste it too.,If you are shattering, you will not have a pain.。”
“And I have to talk to the people of Jiang’s family.。”
Say this,Jiang Taichang took out a jade brand.,The color of the jade brand is white,It’s also a little soft.。
“This is a master token,You keep it for me,After the foundation of Jiang family elects the master,Give them another more。”
“Forehead,Grandfather,Are you not afraid of hometown??
After all, Jiang Jia is also a big family.,Many things I feel that I will really do it.。”
For Li Hui’s words,Jiang Taichang has been laughing.:“Not as serious as you think,I hope that they are intense to compete.,Survival,Used in the family。”
“Only the strong people can take the people in the house to go down,The weak is always the prisoner。”
Jiang Taiyi’s words and Jiang Taiyi’s management concept makes Li Hui’s first feeling is so overbearing,Even the extent to which the overbearing is not allowable to oppose anyone。
Chapter 1224 Dead
“Xiao Li,remember,In the future, I met the person,Don’t be happy。”
Jiang Taiyi is no longer two times.,Li Hui also knows why Jiang Tai will say this.。
However, he still told him seriously.:“Grandfather,You can rest assured,I will do it.。”