There is an evil.,Tiger is returned to the mountain,Mocetable boy,The evil magic is gone……

A large pile of seniors summed up,Misunderstanding,Unexpected,Since you have already opened,That is directly killed,Don’t leave。
Today’s stay,Good evening,This is good,Can be rushed today,I don’t have to be seen in the future.!
Three people rushed into the crowd,Surrounded by seven injuries,Single is a common box, hover everyone, cry, shout。
The worst is the two,First, I’ll be down on the onion.,After got up, I found my ass.,I hurriedly biting my mouth and spit out a blood.,Dressing ten steps outside the boxing and internal organs,Ah, ah.。
Liao Wenjie drunk,The sword invasively interrupted the behavior of Kunlun San Holy Beatty,Righteous words:“broad daylight,Lang Langkun,Your three old guys are weak and weak,What is more than people?。”
恃 恃 weak they admit,Can people bully less people……
young people,Do you count??
Moreover,Well-known,Don’t talk about the evil magic outside the road,The decent thing can be called strong weakness?
That is called the strong,In addition to violent。
“young people,See you is angry,I must have a ranking of the rivers and lakes.,Look clear,These thieves are not a good person。”Kunlun San Holy has no good airway。
“Tall,I saw you in using violence.,I still dare to reverse it is not black and white.。”
Liao Wenjie’s nostril,One said one,A ax helped a group of people,Can Kunlun San Santa is endless.,No stop,The ax helped the group.。
Honored、Two、blind,These three people have not……
The Buddha’s big pocket is still very painful.。
Liao Wenjie is thinking that this is also true and he can’t get off.,If not, he is nothing to block the way.,That two hundred people will not kill,The ax helper will not sing up Kunlun San Sheng,In the most crucified, Zunbao has a seven injuries.,In the next period of time, you will be incontinent.。
“Teenager has a noble,Today, the old man taught you for your long life.,So you eat the loss without the experience of the rivers and lakes,I don’t know how to die.。”
“come,I am scared?!”
噼 啪 啪……Righteous……Ping Pong……Well, um.……
After three hundred rounds,Kunlun three holy sweats, holding knees, gasping,Look again, although there is a mess,But still calm, Liao Wenjie,Both indicates that the acceptance cannot be。
If it is not an old age?,Leg foot is not good,Can you let the child!
“A good boy,For you,We three old,But the ugly words are in front,This group of 类 is not a good person,you……Let you pay attention.!”
Finish,Three old men are helping each other,The rivers and lakes are no longer the rivers and lakes.,Today, I will help Shaolin.,Unfatched sin,It is really uncomfortable.。
Looking at the three people,Liao Wenjie shook his head,Dark road is sinful。
“This young man,Thank you for your salvation,Daxie Dade is not reported!”
Two people who are seriously injured,Handsome,Serious face:“I wish you a heroes soon.,Finally become giant,Famous,Whavhuang。”
Finish,He and the blind hand,One left and right, the right to respect the treasure, want to run。
Don’t run,Although the young man is now,It seems not very smart,But this face franked in the future.,Waiting for him to react and run again.。
“and many more,What do you run so anxious??”
Liao Wenjie is pressing the shoulders of the two,Found that the second is equal to martial arts,It is very familiar,It is the iron shirt that he started.。
Look at the face again,I still be familiar with,The next consciousness I thought that my uncle did not have a positive.。
“Ordinary farmers,Can’t afford,I don’t delay the young man to open the hometown.,Materials!”Er and sneer,Although his martial arts,But the parents can take the first class of the rivers and lakes.,I best understand the so-called old man。
Young people walking the rivers and lakes,Not very famous,The things you want use with eight words can be summarized.。
Hero saves beauty,Be in your body。
“Under the order,I must do my best。”
Liao Wenjie is nodded,Then look at a group of sidewalls to help the public:“You are not injured,I have a ancestor,Just take it, just wipe it.。”