Ctrip Cultural Bo appears: in the core, promote the rapid development of cultural tourism industry

On November 26th, the first China (Wuhan) Cultural Tourism Expo was officially opened. Hubei Provincial Department of Wenting Hall, China Tourism Research Institute and Hubei Provincial Propaganda Department, Leadership Bureau, Science and Technology, Wen Travel and other industries also participated in the General Assembly.

As a world-leading one-stop travel platform, Ctrip Group is also invited. This Ctrip exhibiting the "young, trend, internationalization" is the subject image, is designed to bring more possible possibilities to travel to travel. As a core product of Ctrip "Tour Marketing Hub" strategy, the Star flagship store debuted in the form of an entity in the first time, the Ctrip "Rural Tourism Revitalization" strategy has also gained a key display.

Wuhan Wenbo Ctrip Booth 2021 China Culture and Tourism Summit Forum was held in the same period, in the "New Development Pattern: Delinating" Main Forum, Li Xinyu, Vice President of Ctrip Group, issued the "high-speed development of cultural tourism industry" The subject speech. Li Xinyu said that the application and innovation of digital technology is opening the new era of the development of the cultural industry.

Ctrip Group will create a "tourism marketing hub", implement "tourism marketing hub", implement "rural tourism revitalization" strategy, step "Globalization" journey, realize a new chapter in the innovation and upgrading of many fields, and continues to write a high quality development of cultural tourism industry.

Digital innovation, highlighting the purpose value in the forum exchange, the cultural industry and digital technology depth fusion became the focus. Digital development, strong versatility and intensive interaction, high value, activated literary product resources, and injected new vitality into the industrial development.

Li Xinyu, vice president of Ctrip Group, was invited to speaking Li Xinyu in the forum, lacking complete presence and transaction closed loop, is a pain point for a long time, and therefore, Ctrip emphasizes platform to apply digital and technical means, showing more temperature, More comprehensive, more likely to be aware of cultural character, while making the destination truly drainage, benefiting.

To this end, Ctrip has developed the "Tour Marketing Hub" strategy. The strategy is based on the stalls of the carrier, aggregation flow, content, product sector, superimposed travel scenes, to create a powerful open marketing ecological circulation system, highlighting the purpose The value, create incremental income, and help the industry recovery. It is understood that the Ctrip team has previously launched in-depth cooperation with Hubei Wenbu.

The Hubei brand marketing hub and operational position built by both parties – "Lingxiu Hubei Official Wenpo Ball" in September this year in Ctrip App officially launched.

As of November 22, the Ctrip Platform issued more than 40,000 Hubei Wenxao coupons, with a total annual amount of more than 2 million yuan, and a local consumption of approximately 90 million yuan. In addition, the Ctrip has also participated in Jingzhou Wisdom Cultural Project, helped Jingzhou to develop smart tourism through large data and product line advantages. Digital driver, how to empower country tourism development? In the forum, the Ctrip Group introduced the "Rural Tourism Revitalization" strategy, plans to invest in technology and marketing resources this year, to "build a rural tourism industry fund, scale, tourism village, and cultivate multiple rural tourism revitalization talents" Equal, implement the rural rejuvenation. It is understood that the degree fake farm is an important part of the strategic plan. The goal is to achieve the growth rate of industrial improvement by helping the destination rural tourism and achieve the development of the local tourism industry. This year, 8 seats are fake farmers.

During the National Day, the 5-way fake farms that were initiated in the operation were widely welcomed by consumers and practically drive local tourism. In promoting the cultivation of rural revitalization talents, Ctrip also attaches great importance to the investment of local labor resources, helping rural destinations continue to cultivate local talents.

It is understood that the Ctrip Country Revitalization Academy has previously landed in China. Ctrip Wenxo Hall has also launched, and the Ctrip will work with the destination to help employment improvement and industry rises.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of improving the strategic influence of "Country Tourism Revitalization", Ctrip has created two travel variety IPs this year, and the destination is a new era of new era. Technical integration, after the entry of the regenerative epidemic in the forum Li Xinyu introduced that although the epidemic caused impact on the cultural industry, for Ctrip, the original intention of "deep cultivation of the world" did not change, the journey of globalization is still going on. Ctrip currently accumulates the advantages of technology, management, model, etc. in the domestic market, will gradually promote the development of immigration tour after the opening of the international tourism market. It is understood that Ctrip’s brand matrix is ??spread all over the world, including the world’s leading travel search platform Skyscanner, which covers Travix in Europe, America, Asian market, and Indian tourism market leading brand Makemytrip.

Ctrip’s global unified standards, 21 language skills, 7×24 one-stop service has covered 27 countries and regions, 3 overseas call centers are distributed in Edinburgh, Seoul, South Korea, Japan, Tokyo. "Next, Ctrip will be with all parties, and based on the work of the ‘normalization of epidemic prevention and control’ and ‘industrial improvement results, promote the high-speed development of cultural tourism industry through digital technology innovation. Li Xinyu said.