Create a party building new position, Wheat Store Street "Enterprise Community" Party Service Center

People’s Network Beijing October 15th (Reporter Gao Xing) Today, the Wheat Store Street "Yu Yun" party service center is officially opened.

This is the specific embodiment of the Wheat Store Street to build a party construction, condense the new vitality of the organization, and the concrete manifestation of the party construction work pattern of the street construction "one core, multi-domain, three-center".

The center is enabled to make the street "Party Service Center Party Committee – Corporate Community Joint Party Committee – ‘Two New’ Party Organization" three-level management system is more complete, expanding the range of radiation of regional parties. Leading fashion with red and makes party construction more innovative.

Entering the "Yun Yun" party group service center, from the red style of literary products, to the new youths of the party building characteristics, the unique "red bottom" is demonstrated.

The center design concept is to be through the integration of red culture into the space wall, the cultural form of the cultural products, the form of the new party history education, based on the "corporate community" concept, create the "relaxation, business negotiation, learning charging" triple function, The masses of the majority of party members have built a comfortable and interesting learning garden and party members, "special cards" in the hearts of the masses, attracted more people to join the ranks of party history learning.

On the day of the launching ceremony of "Yu Yun Hui" party service center, the Wheat Store Street and Chaoyang District Enterprise Federation officially reached a collaboration, and the "Wheat Store Street Enterprise Service Station" was unveiled, and will be used to introduce information self-service terminal equipment, equipped with professional instructor. Help companies understand policies, enjoy policy dividends, follow up professional services, and relieve corporate difficulties, and effectively solve the problem of enterprises and don’t have a door. The street will also carry out a characterful business round table for venture capital, investment in the summit forum, enterprise salon, with the help of the office, the content of the Office of the Office of the Office, to create a construction atmosphere of the jurisdiction of the shared and sharing, and live The resources of the jurisdiction, enhance urban quality, mobilize all kinds of enterprises to participate in the enthusiasm of the sharing, and optimize regional business environments. According to the staff, the Wheat Store Street has been introduced from the needs of different groups of people. It is tailored to different groups from the audience, and the "New Youth Pioneer Team" is established for young people. The group is set up an energy supply station to create a "public welfare service station" for the public, facing the international construction of "International Talents Gathering", attracting parties to the region. Next, Wheat Store Street will continue to deepen the party building leadership, focus on "enterprise community" to create, realize "five" and five passages in the neighboring street (ie, Joint Participation positions, the service is connected; the party group activities, the resources; Enterprise community joint, policy is unobstructed; red volunteers, social enterprises, social enterprises; international talents linkage, cultural interoperability), actively link high quality resources, build a "government-enterprise-community" exchange, interaction, cooperation, development platform, Actively guide all kinds of social units, organizations, talents and streets, and communities share the grassroots party building, promote urban governance, business regions, and build a beautiful home. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.