A shares are relatively easier to attract avoidance funds

A shares are relatively easier to attract avoidance funds

China Securities Network Huang Lei ‘s overseas market has plunged 南京夜网论坛 recently and affected the A-share market. Relevant persons in charge of a number of mainstream insurance institutions told reporters that it is not necessary to be pessimistic. Examining the current internal and external environment of A-shares is more alternative than other markets.Attract hedge funds.

  Several mainstream insurance agency investment managers have cited their reasons.

From the external environment, due to some new changes and interference factors, it may cause continuous changes in the global market.

At this time, the first reaction of funds is usually to avoid, and then re-determine the next allocation direction.

  The safest place is naturally where the safe-haven funds go.

“Relatively speaking, no matter from the overall estimated level or the current progress of epidemic prevention and control, the realignment and shrinkage of A shares may continue to attract 杭州夜网论坛 inflows of overseas safe-haven funds.

“The head of the equities department of a large insurance institution told reporters.

  From the internal factors, through the epidemic prevention and control to achieve phased results, enterprises have begun to resume work, and economic operations have gradually entered the right track.

In order to stabilize growth and employment, policy expansion has been intensively introduced with clear guidance.

  ”At present, the emotional impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the A-share market has been severely reduced, and it will not affect the upward trend of the market.

Initially, the A-share market will return to fundamentals.

“An investment manager at a large Chinese insurance company in Beijing said.

  All kinds of evidence show that in the face of the impact of the epidemic, the market response has turned positive. It is expected that some emerging industries such as medical health, online consumption, unmanned distribution, and intelligent manufacturing will receive more funding attention in the future.

  From the perspective of stock consolidation alternatives for consolidated merger insurance institutions, they are focusing on the targets that benefit from economic recovery and industrial upgrading. For example, related sectors driven by 5G construction and smart car policies may perform better in the short term.

In addition, they believe that the core assets of the estimated regression in the adjustment can also be appropriately allocated.

  When talking about the question of “how to look at the impact of external risks on the A-share market”, a stock investment manager of a large insurance institution admitted that generally speaking, once external risks intensify, they will be affected by international capital flows, fundamentals and market sentimentPath affects the trend of A shares.

  But he is good at providing the opportunity for counter-cyclical investment to target the important influence of the Chinese economy on the world economy and the government’s ability to counter-cyclical change and resist external shocks.

“The two-day A-share market has been adjusted due to external factors and we have all participated (appropriate buy).

“2020 is the” A-Share Opportunity Year “of the big names in insurance asset management.

You know, optimism is so consistent, it is rare in the history of insurance fund investment.