Chapter VIII Full of sincerity
Qin Feng and Jiang Yan’s feelings really can’t be said,At this moment, both of them are dreamlike。
Is this really a woman?
“How i feel,The sex of the two people seems to have been reversed?”Jiang Yan couldn’t help but say something,She was really stimulated by this scene。
“Ugh。”Qin Feng doesn’t know what to say,If I change to another man,Qin Feng couldn’t just ignore it。
This is a crime,Men also have their own dignity,But for scum like Gao Xiaofang,He really can’t save people,Seeing Qin Feng’s appearance,Jiang Yan also sighed。
“correct,Your affection for the village.
Chapter Eighty Hundred and Fortieth For the sake of wealth
New Year holidays,Those neighbors with a better family,Which one is not to give him something?
Although Qin Feng had already repaid the money of those people before he came back,But this doesn’t mean that the kindness will dissipate,This is why Qin Feng insisted on taking the village to make a fortune before。
But looking at Qin Feng’s situation now,This matter is also a bit unclear。
Qin Feng pondered for a while,Then he said with a sigh:“You have investigated me in all aspects?”
“This is natural,Especially Teacher Jiang Yan had a cold before,But after you go for treatment,Then recover all at once,I know this too。”
Huang Junjie is a terrible person,His words also made Qin Feng a little bit murderous in his heart。
It is human instinct to protect yourself,Qin Feng is also very clear about what Huang Junjie should have guessed,So if he kills people,Maybe things will be less troublesome。