Chief Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,Raised his foot and walked into the kitchen。Yao Chunni is going down the pot,She smiled and said:“The three of us are left now,Feels quite deserted for a while”

“Is it quiet??Do whatever you want”Wang Youcai laughed,Moved a chair and sat at the small dining table。Pepper and vinegar are already on the table。
Yao Chunni who is below laughed and said:“What can three people do,Except eating and sleeping,So boring。If the ground is not frozen,You can also work on the land”
“You!What a hard life。There are so many capable things,You just don’t want to do it。Or let Boss Wang teach you?”Liu Ying was washing her hands,I made a joke to Yao Chunni。
Yao Chunni is honest,But what Liu Ying said,He can still understand。I saw this woman flushed,Bury your head in silence。
See this scene,Wang Youcai is really funny。He thought for a while and said:“Liu Ying!Waiting for the new year,I’ll let you go back a few days in advance。Stay now,Sometimes when I leave,Yao Chunni may not be able to do it alone”
“What’s wrong,Big iron door with one lock,Can’t get in anything”Yao Chunni suddenly laughed and said。
First2092chapter Snow road insurance
The winter sun is glowing white,It doesn’t seem to be warm to people。Wang Youcai listened to Liu Ying’s persuasion,Have lunch,Drove his broken jeep to Donglin Township。
These two days,Sunny day。The snow on the road melted somewhat,But the melted ice water became ice again at night。The car walks on it is terrible,If you don’t pay attention, you may slip into the deep ditch。
No matter how courage Wang Youcai is,Dare not careless in this matter。As fast as possible,He drove the car carefully where it shouldn’t be fast。When I drive the car to a normal city,He almost broke out of sweat。
First I found a gas station and filled the car with a full tank of gas,Then he went to the supermarket and bought some food that women like to eat,This is the cleverness of Wang Youcai。Feng Yan stays in Donglin Township,It’s not that easy to eat these things。
Boss arrangement is arrangement,But they must have a good relationship in private。This is his Wang Youcai’s way of doing things。to be honest,Everyone makes money from the boss。Moreover,Actually they are all workers,No need to embarrass each other。
Wang Youcai knows his idea is dangerous,Once discovered by Hu Huiru,He is the first person to go。For Feng Yan, this woman,Wang Youcai has always held the attitude that everyone is happy together,Can take advantage of,He tries to account for,It’s just not enough。
I have purchased things,Wang Youcai drove the car to Donglin Township。From Pingdu to Donglin Township,Usually there are more than two minutes。The road conditions are not so good now,Wang Youcai estimated to arrive in Donglin Township in three hours。
Wang Youcai’s heart was cold as soon as the car passed Pingyang Town。Unexpectedly, the snow in Donglin Township is not thin,He forgot that Donglin Township is a mountainous area。
On the roadside,A few cars slipped under the roadbed,Can’t get up at all。The people who drive may have already left,Because people staying here can’t do anything,Can only be frozen here。
As soon as I see these,Wang Youcai will inevitably have fear in his heart。His jeep drives even more slowly。Finally climbed to the largest mountain in Donglin Township。
It’s not easy to go up the mountain,I’m even more afraid of going down the mountain。Some lots,Glossy water slippery with snow being crushed by wheels。As soon as the car drove up,Dayton became a scooter。This scared Wang Youcai,He regrets coming to this ghost place。