The middle-aged man smiled at Xia Jian and said:“Don’t you care,She has a bad mouth like this,Actually pretty good“

Xia Jian smiled,Did not speak。He had to sit down again in silence,A hundred imbalances in his heart,Why does this woman say he can’t work??Isn’t it because I haven’t been in the office for two years,Is this skin better?!
Middle-aged man walked in,He smiled and said:“Don’t get discouraged,No one has a problem,You are so young,And healthy,Worry about not having food。Forgot to ask you,what’s your name?And you gocdWhat is it?“
“My name is Xia Hao,I’m thinking about eating food when I go out,Where are we poor,Life at home is a bit difficult“Xia Jian lied against his heart,But he must be different!
“Where is your hometown“The middle-aged man asked again。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Hurriedly took out his fake ID,Handed over。Middle-aged man,Cried out in surprise:“So we are fellow villagers!But your home is in town,My home is in the mountains“
what!This is a coincidence too!Get a fake address,He even made a fellow,Anyway,Xia Jian is still very happy,In this unfamiliar place,It’s good to still meet a fake fellow,Anyway, he is also under the jurisdiction of Bucheon City,Can be touched。
“Is your last name Zhao?Can I call you Uncle Zhao??“Xia Jian excitedly shook Lao Zhao’s hand and said。
“My name is Zhao Wuyi,Difficult here a few years ago,I didn’t expect this place to be pretty good,Let me mix up my personality。Don’t underestimate my steamed bun shop,It’s really not a problem to feed my family。Want me to say,Don’t you gocdUp,Just live here,Sure to find something to do“Zhao Wu said with a smile。
Xia Jian thinks about it too,He is a guilty man anyway,I can hide for a day,Regardless of the city and the country。“All right,I made lunch,Go out and stroll around after you eat,See what this Wuying Town looks like?“Zhao Wu said with a smile。
Meal for two,easier,One bowl of porridge and two steamed buns,Add another plate of salted radish。Xia Jian’s food is delicious,He wanted to eat another bun,He ate six in one breath in the morning,I walked away with a embarrassing excuse。
Out the door,According to Zhao Wuyi’s instructions,Xia Jian walked along this highway,Soon he entered the main street of Wuying Town。This steamed bun shop is just outside the street at best。
This day happens to be the market day,There are a lot of people in Wuying Town,Anyway,Buy everything。Shout,Bargaining,Rang,It seems extremely busy。