Summer mulberry is not cool for everyone

Summer mulberry is not cool for everyone

Summer is here again, many people will go to the pharmacy to buy some summer mulberry chrysanthemum in order to get rid of the heat and cool down.

However, Wang Zemin, chief physician of internal medicine at Wangjing Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, told reporters that everything has its application and non-application. Drinking Xia Sangju granules for the witnesses is indeed beneficial, but drinking it for the witnesses will harm the health.

  You can drink Xia Sang Ju Ju granules for proper physical constitution, which mainly contains three traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, namely prunella vulgaris, mulberry leaves, and chrysanthemum.

Its functions include clearing the liver and clearing the eyes, evacuating wind and dispersing, dehumidifying paralysis, and detoxifying poisons. It is mainly used for the symptoms of wind and heat including redness and swelling in the eyes, sore throat and sore throat, as well as dizziness, tinnitus and scabies due to hypertension.

  Wang Zemin introduced that, in general, in summer, people who are physically hot can drink some Xia Sang Ju granules appropriately.

From the outside, people of this constitution look ruddy, love cold food, drink iced drinks, and speak loudly.

“For category people, drinking Xia Sang Ju Ju in a moderate amount is like drinking herbal tea.

“However, if you have excessive heat, you will hurt your spleen and stomach, and experience symptoms such as stomach pain and diarrhea.

Therefore, you must follow the measurements in the instructions of Xia Sang Ju Ju granules. Once a person has symptoms such as bloating and abdominal discomfort, stop drinking immediately.

  Deficiency in cold body is easy to get tired. Because prunella vulgaris, mulberry leaves, and chrysanthemum are all cool Chinese medicine, people with deficiency body cannot drink this medicine.

Wang Zemin explained that people of this constitution have obvious characteristics, that is, they are pale and have cold hands and feet. They are particularly afraid of cold. Eating cold things will aggravate the symptoms of cold.

If a person with a weak constitution stays in the summer sangjuju granules for a long time, it will damage the body’s yang and spleen and stomach, easily become tired, sweaty, and easily suffer from colds and weak pulses such as weak spleen and lungs.

  Can children under 5 years old who are not pregnant can drink Xia Sang Ju Ju granules?

Wang Zemin believes that children’s preference for cold food indicates that the hot physique is actually subdivided.

When the child often has a sore throat, sores on the tongue, and red eyes, you can reapply summer mulberry chrysanthemum, but do not drink too much, otherwise it will easily lead to a disorder of the flora of the child’s body; moreover, only children over 5 years old can drink.

He said: “From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, children under the age of five have not matured. Excessive drinking of herbal tea can hurt the spleen and stomach, interfere with the absorption and utilization of nutrients, and backfire.

Wang Zemin also said that some children are susceptible to colds, asthma, and even get sick three or four times a month. Many of these children are caused by excessive cold bitter cold tea during infants and young children, which damages the spleen and lungs.

  In general, the summer Xia Sangju Ju granules should pay attention to physical fitness, which is suitable for people.