City is the scenic spot Ordos "Nethong Kangbash" shaping new image

On the ripple of the blue waves, the row of the row of row is in the city; in the city, the horse is riding the horse, and the horse is watching the beautiful scene; in the leisurely romantic tent camp, enjoy the leisure moment … as the first city landscapeThe national AAAA-level tourist area declared by the carrier, and today Inner Mongolia, the city of Kamashi District, in Inner Mongolia has a new business card – Nethong City.In recent years, Kangbus District actively complies with the development trend of the Internet, relying on the good ecological environment and complete functional support, accurately grasping the content, scenes and dissemination laws of the new era of cultural integration, highlighting the city is a scenic spot, travel is life"The distinctive features, empower the cultural tourism industry with high quality development in the new model of" Nethong City ".(Zhang Wei Xiu Feng Jing) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see.