Guo Enting painted his answers full of question marks。

In order to avoid unnecessary doubts these days,Guo Enting intentionally turned his mobile phone to silent,Quiet night,See the phone light up again,Guo Enting can feel his heart beating to his throat,Think twice,Finally, Guo Enting walked into the room quietly,Picked up his phone。
“Mr. Guo,It’s so hard to contact you recently!”
Guo Enting just pressed the answer button,Peng Peng’s voice came from the phone。
“How can i answer your call anytime now?”
Guo Enting lowered his voice,Gritted his teeth and said。
However, Guo Enting’s suppressed emotion was not understood by Peng Peng on the other side of the phone.,Peng Peng’s unhurried voice is still on the phone。
“Inconvenient,That’s your business,You want us to let Zhu Zhengkang disappear,We have done it,I also showed you my strength,So now it’s your turn to express your sincerity,otherwise,We can make Zhu Zhengkang disappear,Can also make you disappear easily!friendly reminder,Never question our ability。”
Peng Peng’s voice on the phone is extremely arrogant,However, Guo Enting didn’t refute his confidence。
Dare to do Zhu Zhengkang in Wanghai,Not to mention what will happen to the Zhu family,Just this group of people,Definitely not a bunch of desperadoes,They are crazy!
“What do you want me?You should know,The best thing you should do now is to leave Wanghai as soon as possible!”
Guo Enting kept lowering his voice,But did not hide the anger in his tone。
I want to smash the phone in my hand,Used to sendiVent your dissatisfaction,But I am afraid to wake Zhu Shiyao who is already asleep,Guo Enting only feels that his blood is about to break through his skull。
“I’m not the same as your conservative thinking,Just the opposite,I think this is the best time to go dark under the lights。So Mr. Guo,Now your top leader is gone,Now I just need you to raise your hand,Let go of one of your routes to me,How about this time the transaction is cleared?”
Peng Peng’s voice can make Guo Enting feel his smiling face appear in front of him,After listening to what Peng Peng said,Guo Enting was silent for a while,Just said:“tomorrow I will,I will open a route for you the day after tomorrow at the latest,I just ask what you guys do,Things after that have nothing to do with me,Like what you just said,Our transaction is cleared this time!”
Don’t wait for Peng Peng on the other end to say anything,Guo Enting hung up the phone。
Looking at Zhu Shiyao who was sleeping in bed through the night,After putting the phone in your pocket,Guo Enting lit another cigarette。
I watched the cigarette in my hand get shorter and shorter,Guo Enting doesn’t even know what he is thinking now。
Throw away the cigarette butt in your hand,Watching Zhu Shiyao turn over,Guo Enting was really sure that Zhu Shiyao really slept very deep。